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What's a Christian Response to the New Marriage Culture?

After the Obergfell decision this past year, Christians have tried to cope with a new definition of marriage. What does this new definition mean for church… 291 more words


David C. Nichols

Title: President, Chief Executive Officer
Company:  Hand Up Ministries, Inc.
Location: Choctaw, OK United States
Notable Member 65 more words


Toddler to the Rescue

It’s a terrible feeling when you reach into your pocket and “it’s” not there. Whatever “it” may be. It’s even worse when you realize that somebody tried to warn you; but you failed to pay attention. 879 more words

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To robe or not to robe?

The Church of England has just launched into an epic consultation about whether or not clergy should be required to wear robes when taking services. A carefully worded  1,171 more words

Christian Ministry

Tired of your Religion

By Jose Bosque

There is a growing ground swell of Christians who like me are tired of your religion. That doesn’t mean we hate God I just means we cant take religious church “as is” anymore. 1,398 more words

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