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Not In Vain

Sometimes, we wonder if what we do in life is in vain. We chip away at things in our path because we want to walk in obedience, we want to please the Lord. 128 more words


Myths and heresies in church today

It is with a sad heart that we at the ecclesia framework write this article but felt the leading of the spirit to spell this out for the done with church and God’s heart to return  to a pure ecclesia  modelled in the heavenly realms. 663 more words

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The Body of Christ Part III

In Part One I presented a helpful way to understand the Body of Christ, by looking at the divine plan for the human body. Showing how the various denominations, Churches, Fellowships, and independent ministries could develop into the… 1,540 more words

Christian Ministry

The Body of Christ Part II

Part II is to give a real world example of what the Body of Christ should be in every community.

In Part I I described the Church as being the body of Christ and then gave examples of Denominations as being a specific system in the human body. 1,199 more words

Christian Ministry

The Body of Christ - Part I

If you ever looked through a local phone directory, or Church or Ministry directory and wondered at the number listed, I wonder how many there are that are not listed. 2,598 more words

Christian Ministry

Divine Health Part III - God's Word the Seed for Healing and Health

In part two I wrote:

If this is true, WHY then do Christians still suffer with sickness, disease, “incurable” medical conditions, and addictions?  The answer is not really difficult, it is because they have NOT learned to live from their spirit.  702 more words

Christian Ministry