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"Our Partner In Prayer"


“When we pray we want to say the right thing using the right words, but sometimes the right words don’t come – at such times we have a Partner who helps.”

Christian Ministry

"You Are Unsnatchable!"

"We consider the bold, audacious words of Jesus as he said, “No one will snatch them (his sheep) out of my hand.” " ~ Keynote Scripture: John 10:22-30

Christian Ministry

Restructuring the Church to Reveal the Risen Jesus (Part 4)

By Peter Thompson B.Theo Grad Dip Theology

Previously in Parts 1-3, we considered four passages where Paul mixes the temple metaphor with household or cultivated-field-vineyard metaphors to deal with certain issues in the specific churches addressed. 1,659 more words

Church Growth

Whatever You Do For the Least of These

Chances are you’ve seen them as you’ve been driving around Dallas. Maybe you’ve been at an intersection, about to get on a nearby freeway, and you spot some cardboard or a backpack and a sleeping bag roll strategically placed under a bridge or perhaps you’ve even spotted signs of a village consisting of tent roofs nestled out of notice, in the blind spots we generally don’t notice while scurrying about the city. 1,001 more words

Daily Ponderings

"Grace = No Condemnation"


“There is no place in the gospel for continually finding fault, threats and intimidation, even when Christ-less religion says that the end justifies the means.” 222 more words

Christian Ministry

Penciled In

What’s the last thing you “penciled in” on your calendar? Was it a “last straw” sort of thing, where you filled in the last free hour of your week? 1,448 more words

Living Christianically

“The Best Wedding Ever!”


“To know Jesus is to know and experience new wine, the dynamic message of God’s grace that frees us from confining and restrictive old wine skins of stale, musty and oppressive institutionalized religion.” 122 more words

Christian Ministry