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Who is behind all those Donald Trump posters all over Jerusalem?

No matter where you go these days, all those posters stating TRUMP IS A FRIEND OF ZION or TRUMP MAKE ISRAEL GREAT are pretty obvious. 70 more words
Christian Missionaries

Must Read: "Tomer veDevorah's MEET THE MISSIONARY Series" and the missionary truth about Yom Yerushalayim

There are times when I do write about Christian missionaries cruising around Israel and spreading their idolatry. However, it usually makes me so upset that I have to deal with something else. 239 more words
Christian Missionaries

Evangelical Christians & Christians of Israel want to destroy Judaism

Evangelical Christians as well as the Christian Friends of Israel are, in fact, true enemies of Israel. These Christian missionary organizations want to destroy Judaism. 51 more words
Christian Missionaries

Missionary Warning: "70 missionaries from abroad belonging to J's Witnesses trying to spread idol - worship in Israel"

The Israeli anti – missionary organization YAD le’ACHIM is giving out a warning:
70 missionaries from abroad (US, Canada and Britain) are cruising around in Israel in order to spread their idol – worship: 139 more words
Christian Missionaries

The Gospel According to Mad Matt

Bottom of McDaniel’s personal website¬†home page at:

We find this:
“Jesus Christ offers full redemption, in all spheres of human life, justice, land, food and the rights to one’s own children.” 1,079 more words

Matthew McDaniel

Relevant Topics in the WASSCE History Syllabus: Paper One Objective Test

WASSCE History Paper 1: Objective Test Topics

For All Candidates from The Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone

West Africa and the Wider World from the Earliest Times to the Year 2000… 288 more words

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How Japan defeated Christianity - Vajrin

The Japanese unlike the Hindus were endowed with rulers who possessed great foresight, who decided to extirpate Christianity by any means necessary to save Japan, and that included closing off Japan for the next 250 years. 2,061 more words