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Bienvenue! Welcome!

Let me introduce you to my new world.

We’ll start off with the people. They are, after all, the most important things as I create a life here! 661 more words


Global Orphan Population

Several years ago, one of my friends put together a blog on orphans, as orphans are very close to her heart. Although I cannot say the same, I had taken several mapping courses in college and had wanted to apply my mapping skills to something socially active, so I pounced on the chance to construct a Sqlite database that contained orphan population data for each country. 417 more words

Christian Missions

One Hundred Painting of Jesus: The Faith of a Bulgarian Artist

Petrova approached us after church one Sunday in Silistra, Bulgaria wearing her canary yellow dress and furry purple jacket. We’d heard of the woman in the church with all the paintings, but I didn’t think to prepare myself for the little elderly lady who arrived in a cloud of color and fabric throwing out rapid-fire demands in Bulgarian. 548 more words

Christian Missions

"We Aren't Terrorists. Did You Know That?": Thoughts from a Refugee Camp

I wrote this in December 2015 when I was working at a refugee camp near Thessaloniki, Greece. I’m not sure yet what this blog will become, but this seemed as good a place as any to start: 811 more words

Christian Missions

Super Missions Man

I’m not super missions man.

The hardest part about quitting my job is feeling that all of my time must be dedicated to studying programming, security, and technology in general. 703 more words

Christian Missions

JES31 - He Comes Loking For Us

Day 5 is about the Fall and by that I don’t mean Autumn. The Story of Creation seems completely perfect and it is, until this event, the blemish on the canvas of the beauty of creation. 17 more words


JES30 - While You Were Sleeping

This one is packed. We are moving further into the Creation Story. Adam gets his companion rather mysteriously. Multiplication is seen in all of creation, but just for a brief glance. 14 more words