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I'm Not A Zumba Instructor

When I was on the world race, I had to be ready for anything. In Madagascar, my team and I spent the majority of our month teaching at a private school (kindergarten – high school). 529 more words


Repairing The Old Ripped Nets.

I’d like to start this post a little differently than usual. I’d like to start by just listing some recent observations I’ve made. They may seem disjointed at first, but hopefully I can bring them all together. 692 more words


Losing Sight of the Shore

In January of 2017 I participated in something that would change my perspective, my life, and ultimately my world view. It was an opportunity to be a part of something wonderful and at the time it was a mystery as to what the past year had in store for me. 162 more words


Once Upon A Time On A Very Uncomfortable Day.

I’ve been in a lot of uncomfortable situations. Without going into too many details, I’ve done public speaking, which I’m told most people fear more than death. 1,092 more words

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Prepared for Christ?

Do yo have a strong conviction against sin?
Are you obedient to God daily?
Recognize the person of Christ
Maintain a good foundation in the Bible… 41 more words


Taking A Break Between Trips

Today I’m just writing a short post. In two weeks I head back to Ethiopia. In the meantime, Im spending time with my wife and kids, doing a little traveling, and shooting some pictures and video for no one but me. 123 more words

Christian Missions

There's a God in Heaven: Life Experiences Among North Africans

There’s a God in Heaven: Life Experiences Among North Africans

by Daisy M. Marsh

Christian Missions