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Through A Child's Eyes

*The following is a fictional account of what it might be like to make the journey from Syria to Europe, through the eyes of a child. 1,502 more words


Episode 13 - Prime Directive Part 4 -

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Luke 10:1-11

  1. A model for world evangelism.
  2. There’s nothing wrong with the harvest, there’s just a shortage of farmers.
  3. Step 1. Pray.
  4. 133 more words
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Eritrea lies along the coast in the horn of Africa. Sudan borders Eritrea to the west. Djibouti and Ethiopia border Eritrea to the south. Across the sea is Saudi Arabia and Yemen. 293 more words

Christian Missions


The ancient Mali empire rose from a province of Ghana. The mining of Gold brought wealth to west Africa in the 12th and 13th century. Gold was traded to North Africa and eventually to Europe. 156 more words

Christian Missions


Kentucky blood runs through my veins. I bleed blue! There isn’t a time in my life when Kentucky blue was not present in my home. Blue is part of life in the bluegrass state. 491 more words


Christian Blessings - 2016 - moving forward for Christ

Glad to be a part of this Blog site that represents Jesus Christ in a global ministry . The unique thing about this site is, ” It magnifies Christ and the Bible”.  287 more words


A Better Love of Stories

By: Kristin Bertsch

I always knew I wanted to be an English major because I loved stories. I understood stories. I knew what they meant. I really felt like I had things figured out. 809 more words

Internship Spotlight