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The Middle East

Bahrain is comprised of islands to the east of Saudi Arabia. Formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, the UK gained Administrative Control over Bahrain in 1918. 201 more words

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Djibouti is located in Horn of Africa along the coast between Eritrea and Somalia. Djibouti is economically strategically located along busy shipping lanes between the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Indian  Ocean. 156 more words

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About Being “Called” to Missions

I find it funny how being called to missions has become such an over-spiritualized subject in the church. As if it requires extra-level sacrifice and selflessness, or an audible call from God himself to sell all your possessions and take up residence in a village halfway across the world.  635 more words

My Missions Update 20160620

Robert Newhall’s Missions Update—June 2016

Missionary to Mexico

Helping to provide bilingual children’s ministry resources to rural churches and ministries in Mexico.

Fantastic Kids

I almost have 30 units completed now. 891 more words

Christian Missions

The Middle East

The region known as the Middle East stretches from Egypt to Iran, includes all of the Arabian Peninsula, and extends north to Turkey. Different countries and empires have controlled this land over the past 3,500 years including the Babylonians, Safavids, Sassanids, Seleucids, Persians, Macedonians, and the Ottoman Empire. 326 more words

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The Power of Words

Blessing Thru Your Words

Here are some questions you might want to consider that you may bless others in need;

Christian Missions

Whatever Happened To Worship?

Whatever Happened To Worship?


The Subversion of Christianity

The subversion of Christianity began with the subversion of worship. The subversion of worship began with pushing it to the periphery of the life of a Christian and thus reducing the calling to follow Christ, first to a mere religion. 4,077 more words