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Staying with your child’s father only for the kid/s will not do them any favors. Let go and let God have HIS way. 

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Crown Confusion

When she walked out of the room and into the kitchen, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Like out loud… and like super big…and like in her face, my giggles came tumbling out.  619 more words


Free From The Ark!

HE opened the door! God did it!  We signed a lease for our new home this week!

After I got the call, I fell on my face several times in praise and thanksgiving to God for making a way out of no way.We had the hardest time finding a place to rent to us.   272 more words

Christian Woman

It's Hard to Love You

It’s hard to love you through…

your angry and your attitudes,

your back-talking and your burdens,

your cranky and your contempt,

your demanding and your… 190 more words


What Would You Say To Your Young Self?

Using all of the wisdom from your life experiences up to this point, from walking miles in your own shoes, what would you say if you could go back in time and give a younger version of yourself some advice? 945 more words


He is right there.

Sometimes God is right there WITH us when the storms of life hit us! Don’t let the presence of a storm make you believe that God is not present. 27 more words

Christian Mom

Parenting with Grace

Lately my pastor has been preaching about Grace every week in correlation with the Law, and I can’t help not to relate it with the way I parent my child. 318 more words

The Motherhood Journey & Lessons