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Books, Books, Books: February's LOVEly Give-Away

I could give away books every day for the rest of my life, and I would probably always feel torn.

365 days of the year, and I’m telling you, folks…I would still be debating with my book-loving, book-devouring self!!! 655 more words

Christian Mom

The Power of "Small" 

Do you ever wonder, the metaphors that Jesus used in His parable throughout His life of ministry are frequently images of the “SMALL“, which in appearance they look like nothing, yet its impact is way greater? 354 more words

The Truth Will Set You Free

Content to Live with Poop in Your Pants

Lately, my daughter has had quite the aversion to having her diaper changed. I mean…SERIOUS aversion.

Running away from me, hiding behind the couch, screaming like a banshee, laying down on the floor and playing opossum (as if I can’t see her small self writing on the floor), and even trying the very polite approach of, “No thank you, Mama…no thank you.” 1,221 more words

Christian Mom

My Dumbo Story: Don't Let Them Beat You

I whip out most of my posts in about an hour, basically hurling my thoughts on the page as quickly as they pop into my head.  1,612 more words

"Not Just Believing"

This morning my mind is fixed upon a verse that I never paid attention before. It is John 12:42-43.

The story revolved around Jesus’ ministry on earth before He died at the cross, and despite of many signs and wonders He did, some people still had difficulty to believe that He is the Son of God. 277 more words


Last Night, I Had A Nightmare

Dear sweet son of mine,

I am writing to let you know that last night, I had a nightmare–

a nightmare about YOU and all my subconscious fears. 365 more words

Christian Mom

Are you still filing single/head of household...

..then you may want to rethink your public relationship status.

Although I’ve had this blog for quite some time, none of my friends and family were aware. 533 more words

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