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#worstMOMever: 21 Things

  1. I’m sorry I changed your diaper. I realize now that you probably prefer diaper rash.
  2. I’m sorry I asked you to eat. I realize now that only terribly mean parents do that.
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Christian Mom

Not My Home

Today, I realized just how often I work to make this world my home, how hard I work to make this earth feel like heaven, and how quickly discouraged I become when I realize that this earthly place can never provide what the eternal kingdom promises. 403 more words

Christian Mom

I'm Pregnant....

No, I am not milking the announcement. In fact, this is not an additional announcement. It is a statement of fact that I am digesting. 445 more words

Christian Woman

Me First

My nieces were with us for a couple of days this past week and though I really do wish I would have started a tally count, I’m not sure I would have been quick enough to document all the times I heard, “Me first!!!” 1,236 more words

Christian Mom

A Beautiful Sound


I love when my kids teach me things. I especially love when my oldest child (Kameron, the one with Pervasive Developmental Disorder) is the teacher. 1,076 more words


Back From Mid Season Hiatus

Hey Y’all!!

Since I am legend in my own mind… and this is OBVIOUSLY a big budget production. Get ready for the recap…

followed by an amazing montage of clips from the season (pre hiatus) and some great tunes by Kansas, Journey, or Styx. 227 more words

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