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Mommy Who Is Scared Of Chore Enforcement

First of all, I understand.

You are not alone.

Let me relay my story.  I hope you take comfort.

My daughter Jazmine is 8 years old. 714 more words

Christian Mom

Pink Jesus

Our daughter came home from Sunday School with a “pink Jesus.”

All over, pink.

Head to toe, hovering above a cloud of cotton balls, He was 100% pink. 691 more words


A little bit about me.

My name is Andrea. I live in a rural part of Southwest Virginia in the Appalachian mountains. I am a busy woman with many titles, like most women these days. 259 more words


Crying on the Bathroom Floor

Yesterday I found myself holding my son on the bathroom floor.  A pile of tears and a heap of anger, my arms engulfed his little, heaving body. 701 more words


Chomping at the savoy

I am always on the look out for ways to make my cooking easy by trying lots of different stuff…yes i like to spice up my life lol (my kitchen life). 199 more words

Books, Books, Books: An April Give-Away

I got a twinge of “ouch” when I read the title. Before I had even cracked the cover or read a single line of text, I knew this book was gonna be a doozie for the soul. 302 more words


If You Never Marry

Sweet Evie Girl,

The cashier at Kroger today was so incredibly smitten by you; she really, really was.

“Oh, she is just TOO adorable!!! She is SO beautiful! 828 more words