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Twenty Years Ago Today

“Isn’t she beautiful?” he said with a gleam in his eye, and a tremble in his voice I’d never heard before. “Isn’t she beautiful?” he kept saying over and over. 732 more words


Para mis amigas:

En honor a este día que es festejado por muchas quiero dedicar esta sección a aquellas amigas que son a prueba de fuego, que son mas fieles que un hermano, y que son una fuente de vida. 475 more words

When Foundations Are Messy

The Originator of life stood resolute. Heartbroken, but resolute. He loathed what He had to do. But do it, nevertheless, He would. Love demanded He do so. 1,110 more words


Did I Mention I Hate Being A Pastor's Wife?

Of course, the title of this post is rhetorical.  I’ve answered it SEVERAL times in this blog. Just search the archives and you will see.  645 more words

Christian Woman

January 15th, 2011


I have never written this story, and I’ve only told it to a handful of people, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. 614 more words

Christian Mom

Dear Son: Last Night You Were Scared, and God Showed Up

Dear Caden,

I’m writing you this morning because I’ve promised myself that I’m going to document the moments–sweet, ugly, powerful, and all the in between. I want to remember; I want you to remember; I want us to remember. 1,099 more words


22 Reasons Why You Should Praise Jesus for Your Daddy

  1. Because post-nursing, your daddy is your only hope for being heard in the middle of the night. Your cries, your poops, your lost stuffed animals…he hears it all while your mommy is complete G-O-N-E (those nursing days ZAPPED me for the next 18…or at least until you start crawling out the window).
  2. 621 more words
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