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Life of a single mom!

I’m writing this at 1 o’clock in the morning, when I should be in bed. normally I would be, but I can hear my son in the room tossing in his crib and I know if I go in there it’ll fully wake him. 557 more words

Christian Mom

What if Rosa Parks Went to the Back of the Bus?

Don’t we all know the story? At least here in Alabama, don’t we know that Rosa Parks is the black lady who refused to move to the back of the bus- defying the then law that required her to be discriminated against? 883 more words


44 Things I Want My Kids to Remember

1. You can win the applause of the whole world and it doesn’t matter if Jesus isn’t clapping.

2.  Not all feelings are TRUTH and not all TRUTH feels good. 451 more words

Christian Mom

Sabbath Rest

I don’t know about you, but some questions about Christian topics stump me. Why we should or shouldn’t keep the Sabbath was one of them. 365 more words

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An "EGG'tra" Special Give-Away

Christmas is a BIG DEAL!

In a million different ways, we celebrate and commemorate the “Great Rescue Plan” that God set into motion when He sent His only Son (a King, our Rescuer) as a lowly baby to be born in a stable among stinky animals. 410 more words

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Evie's Daddy

There are certain conversations between my husband and I that I want my kids to be privy to, and last night’s conversation was one of them. 819 more words

Christian Mom

To Lay Down My Life

My son is 7 months. Before that I was pregnant for 42 weeks. Since that time, I have laid down my life for him. I have laid down sleep, money, appearance, athleticism, mental acuity, aspects of my marriage, work performance… this is not a litany of begrudging admissions. 212 more words