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The Weekend is My Nemisis

It’s Friday, great. I have started Keto over so many times before up until now because the weekends tend to get the best of me. Weekends, family, fun and food have always gone together for me. 341 more words

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Dinner for Breakfast, Whatever It Takes, Right?

Today I woke up and it was just a crazy busy morning. I had to get my boys out the door early while I was on the phone taking care of work issues. 145 more words

Christian Dieter

Day One Keto Was a Success!

Hey guys my name is Kay-Kay (my boyfriend gave me that nickname), and I have started the Keto Diet for the 5th time. I decided to document my journey this time, to keep me accountable and to make sure I don’t have as many slip ups as before. 410 more words

Christian Dieter

Day 18, Again

Dear Father,

Please help me to push him, when he needs to be pushed. Help me not to be afraid of how he will react when we butt heads. 22 more words


Mental Illness doesn't discriminate (why silence is dangerous).

Mental Illness doesn’t discriminate. 
In the last week, two beautifully talented people have taken their own lives and shocked the world. And in the same time, there have been many others who have done the same who we have not heard of. 1,841 more words



Sometimes life changes so slowly that the changes are unnoticeable at the time, until one day you look back at how far you’ve come. We see the results of things that happen over a long period all the time. 678 more words

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Day 17

Dear Lord,

I’m feeling scared. He’s been quiet. All day. I don’t know what he’s hearing in his head. I don’t know the incentive behind his seclusion. 26 more words