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27 Things I Want My Kids to Remember: Another Addendum

  1. There are “black” areas and “white” areas and there are also a lot of “gray” areas. Life is messy, broken, and complicated; don’t deduce it to “either” and “or” because sometimes it’s “both-and.”
  2. 483 more words

Work/Life Balance for the Christian Mom

The transition into motherhood has brought all sorts of new delights and challenges into my life, as I’m sure it has for you. At first, I wrestled with what the right amount of work/Mom balance was. 784 more words


"Mommy, Our Sins Made a Mess!"

I love crafts. I love my kids. I love the Gospel.

So when I get a chance to do a craft with my kids while simultaneously talking about the Gospel, my heart kinda does a happy dance. 411 more words


A time to remember to pray

Sitting in my desk, going thru my social media, sometimes I find sad news. I guess it’s due to our mania of reading sensationalist things, but there is a thin line between real news and news that just want to scare people. 373 more words


Guilty as Charged

Welcome to my first official blog post. If you want to learn a little more about me before reading on, jump on over to my About page. 660 more words

How I Almost Lost Myself and My Keys at the Same Time

My 17-month-old son hid my car keys last night. Nothing new. Nothing out of the ordinary for him or any other kid his age. As insignificant of an occurrence it was last night, it completely shook my world (and my confidence) this morning. 958 more words


Homeschool Jealousies

In the culture of homeschooling, there is no “right” way to do it.  It is all based on what is needed, wanted, and works for your family.   657 more words

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