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Mama, God is Usin' You

I like lots of progress, and I enjoy observable growth. I like living life where steps are being made and goals are being accomplished. I like fast and easy. 328 more words

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Day One of Organizing

Dear Diary,

My Organizational Skills Suck.

As I sit here and try to contemplate where to begin when organizing my bathroom I’m already feeling overwhelmed. I haven’t even began yet and I feel overwhelmed. 88 more words

Christian Mom

Lap Dwelling

We had been home for less than an hour when my boy (blankie in hand and thumb in mouth) came to the kitchen table with what I call a “melt-your-heart-hard-to-resist” request. 704 more words

Christian Mom

'Because You're My Mommy'

Today was hard…real hard. And I was tired…real tired.

It was one of those days when everything I touched, tried, and did either fell apart, didn’t work, or blew up in my face. 862 more words

Christian Mom

Giving Away Adorable Clothes!

Do you know what I am celebrating in the month of May (besides my 8th anniversary, my 5th Mother’s Day, and my son’s 4th birthday)? 687 more words

Christian Mom

Hello Again...

I’ve been absent for a while. Since last fall it’s been mostly quite around here. I’ve missed it, writing, that is.

I was quiet because I couldn’t talk about the mundane blah, blah, blah stuff when I had so much going on in my head that was real and meaningful. 204 more words


Take My Free 'Mama Club' Quiz

Quiz Directions: 

1. Please try to answer all questions with an absolute “yes” or a resolute “no.”

2. Please try to keep your eyes open for the entirety of the quiz. 812 more words

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