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Junior Size Faith is free today! Share, Share, Share!

Like to take quizes? Download my book from Amazon today for free and read it front to back. Next Monday I will post a series of ‘quiz questions’ about this love story and also the back pages on my short testimony. 20 more words


When It Rains We Grow

We just need to face it. Life is going to at some point throw you curve balls, whether you are prepared for them or not. I still cringe at the thought of not always having rainbows and butterflies but I think the sooner we grasp this the sooner we can excel. 570 more words

Christian Mom

Add to Your Wholeness

You know those romantic comedies that stage a damsel in distress struggling to make ends meet and then is rescued by the witty, rich and shiny knight in armor, essentially “completing” her (insert heart eye emoji) and saving her from heart break and lonely nights. 441 more words

Christian Mom

Choose Peace

When it comes to the safety of my children, there are two dangers that I’m a bit of a freak about: choking and drowning. My two-year old gets so tired of me telling him to chew his food completely and sit down when he eats and take smaller bites that I’m probably going to give him a complex. 976 more words


Stuck Places, Growing Hearts

Our little boy has developed some new fears, and it’s been hard.

It’s hard to watch your kids struggle. It’s hard to watch fears take root in their little minds. 811 more words


Postnatal anxiety and Keeping the Faith when things are Crap

I haven’t really talked about my faith on this blog yet. Not because I don’t want to but because I’ve found it hard to articulate where I’m at at the moment and so I’ve kept putting this post off even though it’s been on my mind. 791 more words



(Pic of baby girl- look at those gorgeous lips!)

Really hurting today. I feel like hot pokers are in my left shoulder blade, burning around my ribcage. 290 more words

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