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I Gave Up on Kisses

My dear little big boy,

You said something this past week that gave my a heart a little jolt and brought a little mist to my eyes. 710 more words

Christian Mom

Rough Mornings and Tough Lessons

Ever have one of those mornings that starts with whining, a meltdown, a crisis, discipline, and then a bunch of tears before you’ve even brewed your first cup of coffee or rubbed off last night’s mascara? 950 more words


Trusting God to manage each day

 How many of us struggle when our day just doesn’t go as planned?

I know I do!

I’m such a planner!

Yesterday was one of those days. 201 more words


20 Things I Never Did with Your Brother

1. I never gave him pieces of toilet paper to shred in a hundred pieces all over the carpet just to entertain him.

2. I never sprinkled Goldfish on the kitchen floor to occupy him. 597 more words

Christian Mom

My Need for Discernment

According to the dictionary, discernment means “the quality of being able to grasp or comprehend what is obscure.” This is not a strong trait of mine.   473 more words

Faith Journey

A Stylish and Functional Give-Away

Sweet Mother of July, it is HUMID up in here!!!

And because I’m sweating while sitting in my Midwest, air-conditioned hot box made of heat-keeping bricks (#firstworldproblems), I think I’ll just save my energy… 997 more words

Christian Mom

Theme of my Faith Journey

Since, I accepted Jesus I have been intentionally on a faith journey. Lately in my devotion a common theme has come up; a map. I know my journey began years before I was saved and I didn’t know it. 580 more words

Faith Journey