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Our Pumpkin Patch

I can’t really remember where it all started and how it all grew, but I know it’s been a seed by seed, moment by moment process. 1,280 more words

Christian Mom

Life's Too Short to Stuff the Sparkles

Evie-girl, if there is one thing you’re teaching your mama (that life hasn’t and others apparently couldn’t) it’s this:

Life’s just TOO SHORT to save the BIG STUFF for the BIG MOMENTS.  628 more words

Christian Mom


I am a worry wart.  It doesn’t matter what it is, I can come up with every “What if” questions known to man.  It seems like no matter what is going on in life, there is always “something”.   325 more words

I found my NEW Normal and it is a moving target…….

Normal…..this is one thing that many people strive to be….then some of us like to say that we like to be a little different. I am sure you heard the term growing up….”that is not normal”. 939 more words


Parenting with Patience

Mornings…. I think I could write about my mornings in just a few short words.  Oh how hectic they are!  My soon-to-be 8 year old just isn’t a morning person.   416 more words

No Worst Case

 ‘This is what the Lord, the God of your father David, says: I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you.  – 2 Kings 20:5… 690 more words


The Call To Homeschool

The Public School System has always been the purveyor of the godless agenda. It’s even worse now with afterschool Satanism in some states, schools banning the American flag, and not to mention what it is good at, indoctrinating a generation of relativists, those who claim that people can be moral apart from God’s statutes. 763 more words