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A Mother Saw An Apparent Vagina On Her Daughter's Teddy Bear Cake And Flipped Out


It’s funny how we see things with our eyes that aren’t really there, but it’s even funnier when we see things we don’t necessarily want to see yet see them everyday. 296 more words

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Healthy Blue Cheese

Hey, friends! Here is a quick little recipe for a healthy version of blue cheese. I know when I cook healthy versions of my favorite wings and fries, I don’t want to ruin the nutrition of it all with a fatty blue cheese…because I LOVE LOTS of it! 146 more words

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Disciple Where You Are

It is no secret that after a woman has a baby things change. Our bodies change drastically, our hormones rage for control, our little bundles put new demands on our time over and above the demands that were already placed on us, we have to share our husbands with another human (or another human if you already had little ones)…EVERYTHING CHANGES! 754 more words


Honey Sriracha Wings

So, the other night I was craving wings so badly…specifically sweet and spicy wings. I didn’t want to buy any wings (just off of vacation so I had had enough take-out), and I didn’t want anything too complicated to make. 282 more words

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Easiest Dreamsicle Pops

Summer is only a few days away. This sunny season officially begins on June 21st so I thought it would be fun to share two dreamsicle recipes with you. 341 more words

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Passivity Gets You Passed

Have you ever been sitting and thinking when you realized that you’ve let your faith get stale, that your light has grown dim, that minimal fruit is being produced from your life? 695 more words


Not Awesome

Everything is not always awesome. If you’ve been a mother for any amount of time you’ve probably experienced your child being hurt. Not physically hurt, although that happens often enough, but hurt… 516 more words