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#1 Fan-Girl

Ask anyone who knows me to give you a quick recap on the ABC’s of Ashley, and they will say without a moment’s hesitation, “She loves Harry Potter.” And it’s true.  1,357 more words


Boys are Awesome

Just yesterday, my husband and I got the opportunity to see our second child face to face for the first time or rather face to ultrasound screen. 667 more words


Midsummer Days

First off, I SAW A TORNADO. It was my first time to actually see it in real life and it was wild!

Derek was working on our car about a mile from our house. 383 more words

Christian Living

You Might the Owner of a Strong Willed Child if...

1) While other moms are fighting a “finish your broccoli” war, you are happy that your child left the dinner table having eaten 2 chips, 1 strawberry, and a string cheese. 450 more words

Mom Blogs

Trust (Continually leading our kids straight to the Father)

On vacation, I had taken my kids to an indoor swimming park for fun and while there, I placed my son on my lap to go down this kiddy slide. 512 more words

Christ Centered Mothers

A Note For You...

Baby Girl, 
Since today is officially your due date, I thought I would welcome you with a little note and blessing.
I am beyond excited and honored that God chose me to be your Mom! 252 more words

A Mother Saw An Apparent Vagina On Her Daughter's Teddy Bear Cake And Flipped Out


It’s funny how we see things with our eyes that aren’t really there, but it’s even funnier when we see things we don’t necessarily want to see yet see them everyday. 296 more words

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