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These are the things you SHOULD be saying to a new mom.

When I became a new mom, it was nothing like I ever imagined. My life changed drastically both in the sense that I now had the sweetest new baby to hold and love and that I began struggling with postpartum depression. 966 more words

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God's Ways are Higher

As an eleven year old girl, I laid in my bed and prayed fervently to God. I desperately asked him for the affection of a boy who had caught the attention of my sixth grade heart. 1,280 more words

Christian Moms

Grandma’s Banana Bread

Our family LOVES banana bread. They also love bananas but somehow, magically, there are always just enough bananas left forgotten to make two loaves of banana bread. 377 more words


Our Fried Rice

Our family loves some fried rice. Unfortunately going out for fried rice can get ridiculously expensive when you have five sons (only four of them count for our purposes here as No5 is still only breastfeeding). 356 more words


Putting Pride Aside

I absolutely love Pinterest! It inspires me, makes me laugh, and encourages me to dream. I find myself scrolling through Pinterest pretty often, but if you logged into my account and saw my profile, you’d notice that a lot of my boards are marked as “secret” which means only I can seen them. 720 more words

Christian Moms

Passivity Gets You Passed

Have you ever been sitting and thinking when you realized that you’ve let your faith get stale, that your light has grown dim, that minimal fruit is being produced from your life? 663 more words


A Letter to my Son

To my son on his first birthday,


What a wild ride this last year has been (and the nine months leading up to it)! Our hearts were filled with joy, hope, and excitement from the moment we discovered that you would be joining our family. 726 more words

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