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Moms, Let's Encourage One Another

Message I receive this morning from my devotion: 💌

“But ENCOURAGE one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness” – Hebrews 3:13…

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The Truth Will Set You Free

Mothering Matters

Over time I able to see more that “mothering matters” not merely because I have to do bountiful of mundane yet crucial tasks that noone else would do them for us unpaid😂(cleaner, cooker, teacher, driver to mention just a few 😛 hmm n’ yes crafter ✂️, artist 🎨, entertainer 👯 are also included 😂). 149 more words


Being Overwhelmed- Piece by Piece

If you’re a Woman of God, who desires to minister effectively unto your children, than I know that’s a humongous task and if you’re not careful, it can appear to be unattainable, as well as, just out right overwhelming.  466 more words

Christ Centered Mothers


I’m a lover of hashtags but this one makes me crazy 99% of the time, unless it’s in a purely sarcastic and funny way. I used it this morning on my Instagram post because as I was unloading groceries (from yesterday afternoon-I am soooo on top of things) I discovered this at the bottom: 803 more words

Mom Blogs

Mother's Day...a day late

I know. I know that you’re supposed to post Mother’s Day blog posts before the day itself. I know that you’re supposed to post a photo of your mom looking all hot and young with you as a cheeky grinning toddler on Mother’s Day.   767 more words

Mom Blogs

Thank You Momma

What better way to start my blog than by a sappy Mother’s Day post? Well there really is no better way because Mommas deserve a little appreciation for all that they do for their kiddos. 325 more words

Young & Free Blogs

"M" is for...

Where would we be without mothers? Biologically, of course, we wouldn’t – be, that is. But mothers have contributed a lot more to the world than just the fruits of their loins. 2,001 more words