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Everything is Service

I was recently watching a John Wayne movie. We can discuss this another time! Back to the movie! At one point, John Wayne is talking to a young man, asking why he doesn’t ask Wayne’s daughter out. 319 more words


Goals, Not Resolutions

I really don’t like resolutions. Well, it’s not that I don’t LIKE them. I just don’t think they work. They remind me of my college days. 264 more words


I Know the Plans I Have for You

When we last spoke, I was sitting in a dark closet, waiting to hear the answer to my prayer. I knew I had lost direction. I also knew I had a lot to offer women. 567 more words


Underwear for Christmas

As my heart turns to Bethlehem, I find it pulled closer to Syria this Christmas.  Amid a complex civil war, babies are killed and millions of widows and orphans flee trying to find safety. 778 more words

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Most devotional books for moms focus on the sweet, touching aspects of motherhood. Real Moms’ Devotions to Go is for the harried, tired mom who is long on love, but short on time. 65 more words


Following God Right Off a Cliff

One of two things can happen to a Christian when he suffers. First, he can turn away from the Lord in anger and go his own way, or second, he can fall into the arms of Christ and seek refuge, deciding to trust the Lord above anything else. 983 more words


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The stories in Fruit Lovers’ Devotions to Go address two seemingly unrelated struggles women face – nutrition and niceness. Planning nutritious meals day after day is difficult and being sweet-tempered all the time is tricky, too. 67 more words