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Come Follow the Crucified! An Interfaith Reflection on Easter

By Martin Accad

My father worked for the Bible Society in Lebanon for most of his life, serving as its General Secretary for over 25 years. 1,590 more words

Christian-Muslim Relations

It Takes Faith to Believe the Prophets

Do You Believe in the Prophets? I am not in this post going to talk about the last prophet, but the prophets before the time of Jesus (Isa al Masih) 885 more words

Christian-Muslim Interaction

What Can a 7th Century Qatari Mystic Teach a World of Constant Noise?

Ever been to Qatar? It is a small nation state that sits on the southwestern side of the Persian Gulf in the Middle East. Shaped like an oversized thumb, it is becoming a crossroads of global finance and trade in competition with places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the nearby United Arab Emirates. 976 more words

Shedding light on Christian-Muslim Relations

When I was a young boy growing up in Pakistan, I was surrounded by every comfort for which anyone could ask. That is one of the benefits of belonging to a prominent Shia Muslim family. 201 more words

Syrian Refugees and the Church in the West: Some Practical Suggestions

By Martin Accad

In recent months, I have received a number of invitations from the West to speak about the crisis in Syria, and particularly about the massive refugee migration into Europe. 1,479 more words


Video: A Christian View of Prophet Muhammad

This short video/documentary that I made is based on my recent Huffington Post article titled “Why a Christian Can View Muhammad as a Prophet“.