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Beating Back ISIS

By Martin Accad

Every few days, we seem to wake up to another massacre committed by ISIS. And these are, of course, only the ones that the media reports. 1,861 more words


Let’s Eat Together!

By Arthur Brown

Food and youth work have always gone hand in hand. While it is true that ‘pizza night’ generally attracts more young people than a discussion on the doctrine of the trinity, good youth workers recognise the significance of young persons eating together. 1,190 more words

Web Interview with Jim on Loving God and Others

   This week on the always uplifting blog 7 Christians (http://7christians.blogspot.com/), Victoria Buck has posted Part 1 of an interview with me. Part 2 will be posted next Monday. 519 more words


Christians, Culture and Power

By Mike Kuhn

Never ask a fish “how’s the water?”

I know…fish don’t talk so they can’t respond. But the point is that water is the environment the fish lives in and therefore the fish takes it for granted—true of fish and water but also true of people and culture.

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Why Similarities are so Divisive

‘Of course we all believe the same really’ These words that seem so innocuous are the reason why so many Christians give up on interfaith work at the first hurdle (they may also cause problems for people of other faiths but I can only speak for Christians here). 422 more words

Different Faiths

Can Islam Be Reformed?

By Martin Accad

Addressing the question of reform and renewal in Islam at MPAC’s 2014 general convention last month, the late Dr. Maher Hathout who passed away a few days ago on January 3rd compared Islam to a diamond. 620 more words


[Part 2] What My Arab Muslim Friend Taught Me Reading The Geneology of Jesus (Matthew 1)

This is the second part to What My Arab Muslim Friend Taught Me Reading The Geneology of Jesus (Matthew 1) [Part 1]

As I talked to my Arab Muslim friend about the opening of the Gospel (Injil), he taught me to see through a family lineage. 1,013 more words

Christian-Muslim Interaction