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Demographic Anxieties, Imperial Compromises and the Crucified Messiah

By Jesse Wheeler

“The cool thing about Pew numbers is how versatile they are; bloggers can wear them with triumph, grief, & multiple shades of schadenfreude!” …

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The Price I Pay For Respecting Islam

Published on Huffington Post Religion (05/08/15)

Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I would become a scholar focusing on Islam and Christian-Muslim relations. 1,097 more words


Judeo-Christian-ism Meets Islam-ism

Persian or central Asian illustration showing Mohammed (on the right) preaching

By Martin Accad

Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders, and others, are inadvertently the spearheads of Islamism in the US and Europe! 1,424 more words


How Can Christians Help Muslims See Jesus Beyond the Quran?

If you ask a Muslim that you meet, “What do you think about Jesus Christ?” they will often respond that they “believe” in him and even may add “we love Jesus” (maybe even patting their chest). 820 more words

Christian-Muslim Interaction

The New Face of ISIS

Things are not always as they seem…

A recent article in Spiegel sheds new and significant light on the inner workings of ISIS.  The article is based on documentation discovered in the home of one of the Islamic State’s chief architects—Haji Bakr—a former Colonel in Saddam’s Air Defense Forces—after his demise at the hands of Syrian rebels. 1,407 more words

The Power of Easter: Redeemed from Selfishness; Called to a Ministry of Reconciliation

By Martin Accad

If Christmas poses as the central Christian festivity in the consumerist societies we live in, for Christians it is Easter that holds the central place. 1,591 more words