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Power Reversal: A 13th century Asian Christian leader gives Holy Communion to the King of England

It must have been a stark and stunning image that September day in 1287: Edward I, the King of England, kneeling to receive communion from Rabban Sauma, an Asian Church of the East leader. 1,122 more words

Pope Francis Calls on Christians to "Cross Over to the Other Side" to Meet Muslims

How do Christians engage with Muslims? For some Christians, there is no engagement at all. Polls have actually found a correlation between a lack of engagement with Muslims and Islamophobia among Christian Americans. 651 more words

Interfaith Dialogue

The Bugis and the Sogdians: Two Merchant Peoples in Asia with a Mission

Last night here in Singapore I had the privilege to speak at the graduation of a six-week seminar called School of Transforming Business. Singapore is an epicenter helping fuel the present and future dynamism of Asia’s economies. 547 more words

Perception, Reality, and Anabaptist-Muslim Solidarity

In a 2016 multinational survey Ipsos MORI, a United Kingdom and Ireland-based market research company, examined the disconnect between perception and reality in forty different countries in six different continents. 1,125 more words


Searching for Common Ground: Muslim-Mennonite Encounters

In the last number of years, Mennonite churches and institutions in North America have paid particular attention to their relations with Muslims. They have sought to dispel suspicion and hostility between communities; terms like “friendship, hospitality, and dialogue” regularly accompany organized events that seek to create a common ground by emphasizing the values shared by Muslims and Christians. 988 more words


'You Belong. Stay Strong. Be Blessed': A Message from a Texan to Muslims in the USA

Today on the radio I heard a story that touched me deeply. Maybe some of you have heard it. It concerned a Texan man who is a sign-maker. 562 more words

After 150 years, Egypt passes a new Church Construction Law

The “Hanging Church” in Cairo. Photo by Berthold Werner

By Bård Kårtveit, Post.Doc at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages (University of Oslo). 1,472 more words