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Is Greece doomed? It depends on who you ask

A deadline was once a tangible thing. During the American Civil War, soldiers told captives that if they strayed beyond a certain distance from the prison camp, they would be shot. 663 more words

Bank of France governor calls for longer work week to tackle unemployment

MONTREAL — The governor of the Bank of France said a lengthening the work week and other changes are needed to restore the competitiveness of European economies. 140 more words


Waiting for the Chinese . . . or for monetary collapse

Keith Hudson

Are we living in Normal Land or Fools’ Paradise? Let us ask some central bankers. We can’t ask politicians. None of them have the years of experience nor any time during the day to devote to studying the money basis of our present-day economic system. 385 more words

Euro Continues to Grind Lower

Sterling hit a more than six-year high against the euro on Wednesday after an adviser to Europe’s highest court left the door open to the European Central Bank embarking on outright government bond buying. 436 more words


NY Fed Slams Deutsche Bank (And Its €55 Trillion In Derivatives): Accuses It Of "Significant Operational Risk"

My sense of this is that it might be payback for the fact that Germany is leaving NATO and moving to join BRICs. . . Does anyone have any other ideas? 809 more words


Northern and southern Europe are divided by weather, religion—and monetary policy

There are few fights less dramatic than one launched over the drab subject of macroeconomic policy. But even if the latest infighting and backbiting between rival camps at the European Central Bank isn’t all that thrilling, it is significant. 498 more words

Believe it or not, France may be losing its appetite for taxes

Robin Hood came from Nottingham, England, but the tax named in his honor is much more popular in France. The so-called Robin Hood Tax—or Financial Transaction Tax… 464 more words