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The Good Shepherd

Poetic Responses to The Good Shepherd imagery found in John 10:11-18.

The Hired Hand
By Brandon Duke

I’m afraid I’m the hired hand. I don’t comprehend the lambs fully. 587 more words


I Am Forgiven

I was happy
I had no regrets.
I had lived the way I wanted to
And no bad happened yet
But then I met a man who had more joy… 274 more words


In This Age by Debbie Harris

In this age of unfaithfulness and infidelity, may

we humbly, joyously, victoriously, honorably

follow our most precious Triune God in all our ways.

Christian Poetry

At The End Of Each Day, Should Not Our Christ-Centered Prayer Be This?

At the end of each day, should not our royal. divine, and Holy Christ-centered prayer be this?

Lord Jesus Christ, maker of who we are, who made us in the  image of the great I AM, 246 more words

Christian Poetry

Make Me Your Light

I am so thankful for all you have done
You’ve given me breath
You’ve given me life
You gave me your Son
When I was lost and all alone… 177 more words



Jesus Christ was sinless
The only One so far
We as Christians stumble on
Trying to raise the bar
But we cannot serve two Gods… 94 more words

Christian Poetry

You'll make it through

Life’s journey has both joys and sorrows.
After the dark days, comes bright tomorrows.
None of us passes through without some scars.
Through the pain, God causes us to shine like stars. 161 more words

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