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Find the Beauty

Find the Beauty

~Copyright 2015 Diana Rasmussen~

Like the farmer who found buried treasure

In the field was wealth beyond measure

Like the shepherd who left the flock… 122 more words



But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.  – 1 Corinthians 15:57

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Why are there so many mirrors at the gym??? 

362 more words

When it Matters

God is here.
Whether your view,
—Is void of color,
—Is black and white,
—gray upon gray,
It doesn’t matter.
God is here.

God sees us, 82 more words

Faith Life

Night into bright;
Dark into day;
Negative into positive;
That is His way.

Fall into Spring;
Down becomes up!
Lost turns to found,
In God’s holy Son. 214 more words


Saving Grace ~

Lord, today I’m in need,
of more of Your loving patience
mine is getting weary . . .
at times, it’s hard to be gracious. 129 more words

Christian Poetry

Will I, I Will

Will I, I Will

As the sunshine beams fall on my face
When the car starts one more time
When fridge is full
And the cabinets are too… 368 more words

Creative Talents Unleashed

Infinity in Him

Before there was the universe,
You looked over a vast,
And saw potential.

From the depths of Your mind,
Possibility pushed limits, 189 more words

Faith Life