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With Child-like Faith

With child-like faith and wonder,
My soul hears my Father’s voice,
That emptiness I’d been feeling,
Abba God had for me a choice.
Do I believe He is the I Am? 105 more words

Faith Life

Unequally Yoked

I can’t help but, sometimes, feel regret

That I knew You not when we first met.

Surely, then life would have somehow been cleaner,

Or is it simply a case of the grass always greener? 406 more words


Fetal Position...

​It is easy to forget how

We swam for our life.

We wanted to live!

We fought to survive.

Some of us travelled down

The birth canal. 379 more words


Poem: Trees by Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest

Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast; 61 more words



I met a man a while ago
I never will forget
He said I had a problem
That had not arrived, quite yet
I’m okay, I told him… 165 more words