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NaPoWriMo Poem 30

Detective Barnes lifted

Communion with the spirit.

He was a knock at the door.

He removed a paperback complex

Of The Supreme Power Guide

From his back pants pocket. 297 more words


God's Zephyr

God’s spirit moves forever in the mighty wind
Know it is his presence that never ever dims
It is the very air we breathe that softly blows… 205 more words

Christian Inspiration

Furnace of Affliction

With stone
cold hearts afire with
hatred they
watch my every move
their desire
is to make me stumble
with words
harsh as battery acid… 35 more words


Each Life Is A Song

A life is like a song we write
In our own tone and key,
Each life we touch reflects a note
That forms the melody. 52 more words


Modern Day Medusa

Into the
orbs of her alluring eyes
she bid me
to gaze offered to trade
my soul
for her womanly charms
instead my
eyes turned away from… 7 more words


Righteous Indignation

Anger is
my nemesis the only
that can overcome
a single moment is
all anger
needs to wreck a
of destruction and


Bad Choices = Bad Consequences

Dear old dad
had three wives all of whom
divorced him
broke his heart cast him out
of their lives
threw him out like a bag full… 59 more words