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You Are Included

His love knows no exceptions,
so never feel excluded—
No matter who or what you are,
your name has been included.
Helen Steiner Rice


Be Bold

God faithfully ministers to my heart.
He draws us His with His powerful love,
Straight into His presence.

The following song, is a powerful reminder for me. 17 more words

Christian Poetry

Bleeding Hearts

old photos
on my desk —
bleeding hearts in bloom

Time Of Singing

leaves of bleeding hearts
now gold
so do broken hearts mend
so does grief heal… 18 more words

Art From Wisconsin

Word Ambassadors

Nearly everybody,
Uses them,
Pass along their truth,
Tell stories.

Tell their tales,
By rhyme,
The rhythm of their speech,
‘Til told. 42 more words

Faith Life

Ladies We Are Fools

Ladies we are fools

when we think

“My husband would never do that.”

As if he’s above David

the man after God’s own heart

whose eyes lingered over Bathsheba… 106 more words

Christian Poetry

A Matter of Surrender

He doesn’t love us
and we must refuse to believe that
He died just for all of us.
This may be a shock to a lot of people but… 112 more words


May We Always Offer Words Of Grace by Debbie Harris

May we as the royal and divine ambassadors and

representatives of Jesus Christ, offer words of grace in

a world that oftentimes offers so many words that are graceless.

Christian Poetry