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A man's strength is stronger than the storm of his life

At night as the weight of a man’s  responsibilities are heavy on his mind it is the love in his heart that gives him the will to work hard to take care of those around him and all his responsibilities, 151 more words

Christian Poetry

A Word Called Truth

Truth is a powerful force. It has the power to condemn someone for their action or inaction and at the same time to set another person free, it has the power to break the bonds of tradition, and to rewrite our understanding of the world around us. 35 more words


Hold On

Hold On, you got this.
No matter what life tosses your way you can overcome.
Never been one to say life will be easy.
If it was than we’d all would give up trying. 171 more words


Nothing Sound

One day hot the next day cold
One day sun then clouds enfold
One day dry the next day rain
Patterns never are the same… 77 more words


How Can I Keep Silent

How can I keep silent
When birds sing out their praise
They greet the sun each morning
With songs that lift His name

How can I keep silent… 183 more words


In the experience of love

 I know now the meaning of care through the love you share that is sweet as wine gentle like the moonlight beautiful painting that has come alive in my life. 126 more words

Christian Poetry


We tend to add all kind of things
To what’s already there
No wonder we are all confused
When pressure comes to bear
Everyone has helpful tips… 66 more words

Christian Poetry