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Dear God: Parenting

Dear God,

This blog topic has been ringing in my spirit for quite some time now. I suspect You want me to write about it and be as plain and truthful as possible but before I begin, I know You are doing well. 624 more words


How Can You Follow Jesus and Support President Trump?

Hi friends! While I prefer to stay out of the online political fray unless it relates to Israel, I read a very well done article recently, asking the question: “How can you follow Jesus and support President Trump?” 146 more words

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A Father to the Fatherless- How God Fills the Greatest Gaps in an Orphan Heart

Recently, I began reading Randy Alcorn’s The Resolution for Men. The book is fantastically written and centers around a call for true, Biblical manhood. After giving a brief description of manhood, Alcorn lays out the true need for fathers, and the numbers he gives are more than astronomical- they are a punch in the gut. 1,588 more words

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After the Miracle, What Next?

Yesterday, you were praying for a job, a partner, a child,                                                   a car, healing, financial breakthrough, good marriage.                    You prayed to God for assistance to break the negative habit. 287 more words

Beth Moore claims that conservative Evangelicalism died in 2016 (because of Trump)

When Mark Galli penned his article for Trump’s removal, Beth Moore was among the Big Eva elites praising it. Since then a number of Evangelical Dark Web publications… 692 more words


NPR "All Things Considered" discussion regarding attitudes among evangelicals amid current political division.

Below you will find my interview with NPR’s Sarah McCammon on “All Things Considered,” along with fellow SBC pastor Malachi O’Brien.

Our discussion was about attitudes among evangelicals after opposing op-eds in Christianity Today and Christian Post about our current political mess. 375 more words


Throwback Saturday: Christianity's Popularity

Originally posted here.

A lot of people question Christianity’s validity. They say, “Faith is useless! Trust in science and fact is the only truths in this life!” They question why Christianity is so popular in the first place. 980 more words

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