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Requirements for Real Integration

I have been reading The Integration of Psychology and Theology by John D. Carter and Bruce Narramore. Their requirements for real integration resonated strongly with me. 1,124 more words


46,471 Overdose deaths in 2013. Why?

46,471 Overdose deaths in 2013. Why?
By Dennis Marcellino

“Drug overdose deaths are the leading cause of injury death in the United States, ahead of motor vehicle deaths and firearms (deaths),” the Drug Enforcement Agency announced on Wednesday. 1,074 more words

Christian Philosophy


Centuries ago, people thought that having anything abnormal (something that is unusual from the society) about a person was caused by demons. They think that having a different belief, disfigured appearances, or an abnormal behavior is instigated by divinities, demons, spirits of nature, or gods. 1,096 more words


Visual Perception: The Mind's Eye

We were presented with the two hypotheses today which purport to explain how the mind stores and retrieves visual images. Firstly, Kosslyn suggests that we store our mental images in an analogous fashion – i.e. 642 more words

Cognitive Psychology

Just breathe

Today, frustration availeth much. A simple advice lingered in my head. Something my former spouse and I do when our five year old seems upset, angry, or cranky. 881 more words

Authentic Christian Living

Common Christian cognitive dissonance and how to combat it

Let’s just face it. I recently have undergone a heartbreak. A romantic one.

Before(that is before my conversion of heart in 2013), when this kind of things happened in my life, I used to justify and reconcile my lingering feelings with the devastating reality by… 1,045 more words

Shameless and Depraved!

Ephesians 4:19  This week we see the Biblical psychology of unbelievers.  We find out why they act the way they do which helps us understand the world as we see it today, and makes us even more grateful for our great salvation. 49 more words

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