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Unreconstructed No More

I used to be an unreconstructed Southerner. It didn’t last very long, but it wasn’t that long ago. I would never have admitted to being a racist (I’m pretty sure I wasn’t), and I would have argued very strongly that racism and love for the Old South had no necessary connection to one another, but did I read a lot of historical revisionism regarding the Civil War and the Old South, I did regard “the North” as a symbol of “Big Government” and modernity, and I even went to two League of the South Meetings. 4,066 more words

Current Culture

My Experiences in the Alternative Research Community and Nationalism

Experiences in Paleoconservatism and Christian Reconstructionism

When I first got into alternative ways of thought outside of the mainstream conservative-liberal dynamic about 7 years ago, I embraced a form of paleo-conservative thought which was in line with both my Christianity (at the time) and later I embraced some of the arguments for ethnic nationalism. 6,482 more words

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Lee Duigon Believes the World is 'Governed by Satanists'

Writing for the anti-gay website BarbWire, Lee Duigon says that our world is literally ‘governed by Satanists.’ Duigon, a member of the Chalcedon Foundation — a Christian Reconstructionist group founded by a Holocaust denier who advocated putting gays and lesbians to death — believes this is evidenced by the supposed erosion of our religious freedom as well as a plot by the UN to depopulate the Earth: 459 more words

Christian Right

Theonomy, a Reformed Baptist Assessment

by Sam Waldron

Section 1: Introductory Considerations

I. A General Description of “Theonomy”

A. Major Sources

1. Rousas J. Rushdoony

Theonomy, or as it is also called, Christian Reconstruction, has for its father R. 291 more words

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Matthew 5:17 - "I came not to abolish, but to confirm"

Understanding “fulfilled” as “established” in Matthew 5:17 is by no means some sort of anomaly. The Greek πληρόω (plēroō) is used in the Greek Septuagint in the sense that it can mean “confirm” or “establish”. 625 more words

Christian Reconstructionism

The Theonomy Debate - Responding To Jordan Cooper (2)

For those of you who are just joining in, yesterday I began responding to a recent podcast by Pastor Jordan Cooper (you can find part one… 1,757 more words

Christian Reconstructionism

The Theonomy Debate - Responding To Jordan Cooper

Today I want to take some time to begin responding to Pastor Jordan Cooper. For those who are unaware, on March 4th, 2015, Cooper released a podcast titled – “ 1,532 more words

Christian Reconstructionism