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A terribly disturbing yet thought provoking comment on a Christian marriage blog is the impetus for this post.  Before providing the full quote of the comment (below), let us pose the relevant questions. 1,553 more words


Should Christians Have Sex on Sunday?

This topic occurred to me while listening to a talk radio show last week. They weren’t addressing this specifically, but I decided to see what the internet had to say… 1,262 more words


on marriage: helpful essays for Christian wives

Recently, we found a little known blog that has several helpful essays for married persons.  The essays are written by a Christian woman for wives.  We share links (below) to 3 of the blog’s essays in the hope that these will help some readers. 239 more words


Introducing our Books Section - and Other Ideas Coming in 2017

One of the best resources for Christian couples is the number of wonderful books available to enhance their marriages both in and out of the bedroom.   391 more words

marital intimacy: addressing "fellare phobia"

This post is in answer to the many comments on Christian marriage blogs by wives who lament, justify and rationalize their unwillingness to give oral sex to their husband. 1,002 more words


The Ten Commandments:What's the Point!?

When I see or hear anyone talking about the ten commandments, my first thought is the Charlton Heston movie by Cecil B. Demille. Wonderful movie about the events of Exodus, with some admitted embellishment. 1,542 more words

intimacy resources for Christian wives

Healthy sexual intimacy within marriage can be an area of frustration, even confusion, for some married Christians.  Yet, fulfilling sexual intimacy within one’s marriage is something not to be taken for granted nor neglected. 284 more words