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Introducing our Books Section - and Other Ideas Coming in 2017

One of the best resources for Christian couples is the number of wonderful books available to enhance their marriages both in and out of the bedroom.   391 more words

marital intimacy: addressing "fellare phobia"

This post is in answer to the many comments on Christian marriage blogs by wives who lament, justify and rationalize their unwillingness to give oral sex to their husband. 879 more words


The Ten Commandments:What's the Point!?

When I see or hear anyone talking about the ten commandments, my first thought is the Charlton Heston movie by Cecil B. Demille. Wonderful movie about the events of Exodus, with some admitted embellishment. 1,542 more words

intimacy resources for Christian wives

Healthy sexual intimacy within marriage can be an area of frustration, even confusion, for some married Christians.  Yet, fulfilling sexual intimacy within one’s marriage is something not to be taken for granted nor neglected. 284 more words


a thought provoking post on marital lovemaking

Here is a post we came across today that we think may interest some readers.

The important role lovemaking plays within marriage is discussed.  Though the target audience is married Catholics, others (Christian and non-Christian) may gain from the insights offered.   33 more words



Christian Marriage Sex.

I know it’s Monday and some of you may already be at work, but I thought you need to know these things.

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a spirituality of sex

The important thing to remember is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  We first read of this concept in one of Stephen Covey’s books 25 years ago.   954 more words