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on sex, purity and avoiding harmful extremes

Being “pure” does not require the complete desexualization of the individual.

It is sad that Christianity became warped by the influence of ancient pagan schools of thought that had a contempt for the flesh and anything related to the flesh.   1,625 more words



Tapping into our own creativity is really just another way to let our spouse know us. This week, the men get to plan the fun. 176 more words

Christian Sex


Sometimes planning for the date is as much fun as the date itself. This week ladies, you get the pleasure of planning… 307 more words

Christian Sex

Comfort SEX

I never thought that I would reach for my husband when I felt sad, stressed or overwhelmed, but that has been one of the surprising results of figuring out this thing called SEX. 719 more words

Christian Sex

Long Distance Connection

I used to hate when my husband traveled for work. My normal stance was to make sure the house was kept in order, the kids were taken care of and to treat my husband as if I was the ice queen. 877 more words

Christian Sex

On the Edge Interview

Earlier this week, Ruth and I had the pleasure of speaking with Kenneth Mitchell over at Missions Radio on his radio show “On the Edge… 40 more words

Christian Sex

Tips for conversations with your kids about sex

Every kid is different, every family is different, every experience is different and I do not don’t have all the answers,  but below are 10 tips for conversations with your kids about SEX. 987 more words

Christian Sex