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It is important for Christians to embrace their Sexuality!

You are here because there is something inside that keeps nagging you.  You are living life as a believer in Jesus Christ but you feel like there is something missing.   212 more words

Why "Sex for Sinners"?

My objective is to be grace-filled and inclusive.

I want to share safe and shame-free sex and pleasure education with anyone and everyone; especially my Christian brothers and sisters in Christ, who are looking for more information about sex and faith, informational advice about sex and relationships, or freedom from the sex shame-and-blame mentality found at many Christian websites that mention sex or are about sexuality. 588 more words

Christian Sex

Sex is Holy? | Part Two

As Hubby and I have journeyed through healing our marriage from his porn use and reclaiming our sexuality from the world, there have been some important realizations along the way. 772 more words

Christian Marriage

Sex is Holy?

I’m going to step away from the Unveiled Reality posts for the next couple of days and address one of the biggest obstacles to a healthy sex life I have had to overcome (Hubby and I are both overcoming this, but I’m only writing it from my point of view…I’m trying to talk him into some guest posts). 842 more words

Christian Marriage

The Lies We Believed about Sex

In recovering from my husband’s porn use, we have been on a journey to pursue marriage according to God’s design and view sex as holy and beautiful. 682 more words

Marriage Recovery

Recovering Our Sex Life after Porn | Part Two

In my last post, I told you that we started recovering our sex life on the couch, long before we started making love again. We knew we had to tear down the mess we had made of sex before we could build something strong, healthy, and beautiful again. 743 more words

Christian Marriage