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Why “Marital reboots” are necessary for healthy marriages

Any successful Christian marriage is going to require “reboots” from time to time. Troubled marriages are often the marriages that suffer from a lack of regular reboots or if they do reboots they do them in an unhealthy manner. 2,603 more words


Principle #4: Nothing is impossible (teach your children godly sexuality part 15)

Today we blog the last of our four principles from our basic course of “teach your children godly sexuality”.

We have already covered that we need to communicate that sexuality is good and that it is holy.  1,005 more words

Christian Sexuality

Christian Sexuality, Purity and ... Porn.

In the anthropological masterpiece Purity and Danger, Mary Douglas examines the role of “dirt” in various cultures. A Western housewife vacuuming the floor finds a cockroach and screams loudly. 1,601 more words

Principle #3: As you walk along (teach your children godly sexuality part 14)

In our last post we began to look at the how of communicating the goodness and holiness of our sexuality.  We saw that it’s not “the talk” but lots of “talks” in the messiness of everyday life as it comes up. 1,157 more words

Christian Sexuality

Principle #3 As you walk along (teach your children godly sexuality part 13)

We have now seen that when teaching sexuality we should ensure that our answers walk the line between declaring it’s goodness and also it’s holiness.  The third principle looks at the how we communicate these truths. 855 more words

Christian Sexuality

What is Biblical Women's Health?

Welcome to Biblical Womanhood! A guide for Christian women to learn about whole body women’s health from a Biblical standpoint. I am grateful you found this site … there are many women’s health sites out there and they contain some useful information. 386 more words

Christian Sexuality

Principle #2: Holy (Teach your children godly sexuality part 12)

So far in this course we have looked at how two principles: our sexuality is both good and holy.  We’re now going to apply both of these principles to two of the four broad areas that arise with children aged 2-11: 716 more words

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