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Que Sera, Sera

For a long while now I have been unable to write. Part of the reason for this is that I had established a standard of writing I deemed “quality writing” and was unable to reach it—and so I couldn’t write. 586 more words

Mr. Robot is Unlike Anything on TV - And That's What Makes it Exceptional

I am a Mr. Robot fanboy.

I think it is important to say this because I intake every piece of Mr. Robot content out there – Sam Esmail interviews, reviews of the show –  you name it (except for Elliot’s diary – nice try USA Network). 990 more words


Mr Robot S2:E12 Recap & Review

Love In The Strangest Places

Upon reflection the unifying theme of this season is love. Loss, loneliness, despair are all there but love, or rather, holding on to the people you love and doing whatever is necessary for them, is the main theme. 795 more words

TV Talk

Dōmo Arigatō, Mr. Roboto


Right now I feel a bit like Elliot Alderson, unable to decipher the difference between the real world and what’s going on inside my mind. 773 more words


Hello, Friend; Goodbye, Friend: Mr. Robot, Decrypted

Mr. Robot is having a moment. Rami Malek, the show’s insanely talented leading man, just won an Emmy—and less than a week later, the show brought its mind-bending, action-packed second season to a close. 1,232 more words


Mr Robot - S2:E11 Recap

After the events of last episode Dom’s in the hospital looking exactly as you’d expect for someone who almost (but not quite…hmm) got murdered, again, and she is 100% done. 472 more words

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