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Heathers (1988)

I’ve heard Mean Girls (2004) referred to as a watered-down Heathers in the past, though I hadn’t seen the latter film until now. I can kind of understand the comparison. 1,096 more words


Analyzing Mr.Robot Season 02 : Complimentary Loneliness

There is a good chance that a good book series may not woo you in its second, or third avatar. Movies and visual media in general are the most susceptible to the human mind’s malady of expectation, and when the premier starts off strong, the walls of hope get even more slippery. 756 more words


Season One Review: 'Mr. Robot' Is A Tense And Mind-Bending Descent Into Madness

Fiction constantly delivers power fantasies. We root for, and escape into, characters with powers and talents that far surpass our own. Sometimes we’re presented with characters that possess superpowers—one of the most common and interesting ones being the ability to manipulate reality with your mind. 1,955 more words

Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, Christian Slater Confirmed as Stars of 'The Wife'

Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce and Christian Slater have been confirmed as the stars of “The Wife,” which starts principal photography on Oct. 31.

Other members of the cast include Annie Starke (“Bastards,” “Albert Nobbs”), Max Irons (“Woman in Gold, “Terminal”) and Harry Lloyd (“Anthropoid,” “The Theory of Everything,” “The Iron Lady”). 404 more words


X-Rated Romp 'King Cobra' is More Tedious Than Titillating

Gay filmmakers seem hell-bent on proving they can make genre films as grim, smarmy and exploitational as the X-rated straight skin flicks that degrade women, slasher epics that appeal to a lust for blood and the early cliché-riddled, black-themed racist throwaways of the 1990s. 752 more words

Rex Reed

Born Again Christian: Slater2.0 Inspires New Generation of Rebels With a Cause

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be married to Christian Slater? Of course you have: The ’90s embodiment of that untamable “bad boy” (or, fingers crossed, boyfriend!) you don’t bring home to your parents, it’s understandable that most hot-blooded American teens have at least imagined trading Barbie’s Dreamhouse for a black Corvette and driving off into the sunset with J.D. 2,857 more words


MR. ROBOT (2015 - )

Creator: Sam Esmail

Cast: Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Portia Doubleday 

The lonely, alienated computer whiz is the hero and his solitary battle against, among other things, corporate greed and corruption is at the core of the show. 287 more words