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Princess and Maiden*

2017 Merit Award
By Ruby Thomas, 4th Grade

Even princess and maiden come together like the wind,
When old Mrs. Locket calls,
“Good morning! Good morning to all. 83 more words



2017 Merit Award
By Jim Milstead

She looks outside,
     when the first green sprouts of spring will appear.
The grey streets are streaked with with rain. 103 more words



A complaint I have heard leveled at Christian churches and families from agnostics and atheists is that children who grow up in such environments are brainwashed by their pastors and parents. 659 more words

Pope Angelo

First, he condemned Joe Paterno to hell.

Now, Angelo Cataldi opens the pearly gates for Darren Daulton, the Phillies catcher who succumbed to brain cancer yesterday. 232 more words

Roman Catholicism


2017 Walk Award
By Julio Enriquez, 12th Grade

Who drinks tea in the morning
And reads the Bible each afternoon,
Who is short as a Mini Cooper… 300 more words


What Salmon Know*

2017 Merit Award
By Judy Bishop

In autumn, fierce salmon know it is time
to leave the vast, deep oceans and begin the upward
journey through narrow, shallow rivers… 267 more words