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Two Levels of Understanding

No wisdom, no understanding, no counsel can avail against the Lord.  (Proverbs 21.30)

At one level, this proverb means that, if you set yourself against God to defy His will, you will end up only accomplishing His will at your own expense, as did Pharaoh in Exodus and those who crucified Jesus (Acts 2.23). 163 more words

Christian Theology

The Gospel of Peace and the (Gun) Culture of Death

Another mass shooting. I don’t know how many times I’ve read that phrase, but every time, my heart sinks. It is a phrase that carries so many emotions: exhaustion, anger, grief, frustration, and more than a little futility, as though we cannot imagine a world where these irruptions of violence will cease, and we are doomed to relive the brutality over and over ad infinitum. 1,773 more words

Christian Theology

Faithland: What’s the Most Highly Religious Part of America?

Read historian Chris Gehrz’s discussion of the upper Midwest/Great Plains aspects of the Faithland map by Alex Egoshin here.


Echoes of Eden

All civilization, in one way or another, is utopian. Whether we call it progress or conservation, revolution or reform, the civilizing impulse is constituted in such a way as to favor the creation of comprehensive solutions designed to solve problems perfectly and permanently, creating as a result a world of stability and security. 1,299 more words

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Allegiant Orthodoxy

In a previous post I spoke about how Matthew Bates‘ proposal for allegiance in the New Testament rehabilitates the contemporary meaning of faith for Christians. 1,960 more words

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"The hands that were pierced with the nails of the cross wield the scepter" by B.B. Warfield

“Let us fix our eyes and set our hearts today on our exalted Saviour.

Let us see Him on His throne made head over all things to His Church, with all the reins of government in His hands, ruling over the world, and all the changes and chances of time, that all things may work together for good to those that love Him. 260 more words

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