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John Calvin's Self-Understanding

Calvin. . .did not think of himself as a dogmatician in the modern sense of that term: rather, like most of the other theologians of his time, he understood himself as a preacher and exegete, and he understood the primary work of his life as the exposition of Scripture.  259 more words

John Calvin

"The way to do a great deal" by Charles Spurgeon

“The way to do a great deal is to keep on doing a little. The way to do nothing at all is to be continually resolving that you will do everything.” 16 more words

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God Saying "We and Us" in the Scripture does not mean Trinity

God’s Saying: “WE and US” in the Scripture Prove God is One in Three Persons?

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.


Christian Concept:The Trinity is a biblical concept. 1,960 more words

Sufis And Christians

Death and Life with Christ

Our death with Christ is not an end in itself.  By faith, we go on to life with Christ.  Paul does not speak very often of “believing that” (again in 10.9; 1 Thessalonians 4.14), but the truth that genuine trust is based on fact runs through his writings.  200 more words

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William Cavanaugh on Market and State, Citizens United

H/T Tedmund Chan (Thomas International Center, Aristotelian-Thomists admininstrator)

Here is the Q&A session that followed:


Faith Produces Christian Stability

There are three kinds of stability in the Christian life: (1) a stability of judgment – this refers to the truths of religion; (2) a stability of practice – this refers to the duties of religion; and (3) a stability of hope – this refers to the comforts of religion.  17 more words

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On Legalism

Legalism lacks the supreme sense of worship.  It obeys, but it does not adore. – Geerhardus Vos (1862-1949)

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