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John Wesley Code, Part 2a - Context

In chapter 1, ‘Setting the Context’, James Stuart shows in The John Wesley Code that John Wesley had nonconformity and dissent from the established Church of England ‘in his blood’ 485 more words

Christian Theology

No Love, No Justice! On the Difference Between God’s Justice and Ours

Before I launch into the topic of divine love and justice, I need to clarify something about my essay of November 17, 2015. Several people took issue with it as somewhat overwrought. 1,340 more words

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The value of learning to do theology

I once visited a woman in the hospital and after some preliminary chit-chat she asked me, “Why is God punishing me?” This woman was unknowingly doing “theology” and the question she asked revealed some of the beliefs or doctrines she was wrestling with. 867 more words


A Critical Review of Martin Buber’s I and Thou, in light of Christian theology and Capitalism

According to the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion can be defined as “the philosophical examination of the central themes and concepts involved in religious traditions.” 2,602 more words


The John Wesley Code, Part 1

The John Wesley Code is a wonderful book about John Wesley’s life and theology written by James Stuart, the Methodist theologian and leader, that I discovered through Scribd. 348 more words

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Christian Faith and the Syrian Refugees

I try not to use this blog, or any other form of social media, to push a political platform. I like politics, but the surest way to get yourself “unfollowed” as my Facebook friend is to post a political meme (my favorites – Reagan solved the Iran hostage crisis in 15 minutes, while it took Jimmy Carter 435 days – because that’s how it works). 940 more words

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Prolegomena - Confessions of a Theology Geek

When I was younger, I assumed that the Bible was all one needed to attain perfect understanding of spiritual matters. I attended seminary for the purpose of obtaining a Masters degree in Pastoral Counseling (which I did); theology was nowhere on my radar. 735 more words