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Death Has Been Edited Out of Modern Funerals

Even funerals, the one religious context where one might have assumed the reality of death would be unavoidable, have become the context for that most ghastly and incoherent of acts: the celebration of a life now ended.  95 more words

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Quotable: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Who?

Can we trust that the Gospels we have in the New Testament accurately represent the earliest of Christians’ beliefs about Jesus? What about claims that there were other Gospels or alternate views of Jesus that—if discovered—would change everything we thought we knew about the story of Christianity? 80 more words


The 5 Emotional Stages of a VBS Volunteer

It is that time of year again. Excited teams of Vacation Bible School volunteers are lining up to put on a meaningful week of ministry for kids. 352 more words

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A Good Description of Legalism

Experience shows that pitfalls surround those who make moral struggle central in their thinking about the Holy Spirit.  Their tendency is to grow legalistic, making tight rules for themselves  296 more words

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Our politics are an expression of our faith

Our politics are an expression of our faith, not an independent entity.

I wouldn’t expect them to fit neatly into any worldly or rationalistic system. 349 more words

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A fantastic new book

In our time the doctrine of the atonement/ Jesus crucified has come under attention once again. The way it is usually explained within Western Christianity, it sounds like the all too familiar abusive father who takes his rage out on innocent bystanders, often his own child, and then dresses it up by wrapping his ugly behavior up with the word love. 288 more words

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The Devil Not to Be Trusted

The devil cannot speak truth, but to gain credit for some lie at the end of it. – William Gurnall (1616-1679)

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