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Thoughts on Challenge Day Three

What If?

There were some valid points made today. In fact, points that made me put down the Fried Taco and say to myself, what in the world are you doing Dottie. 543 more words

Well "Nuts" To That Myth!

Back when I began my nutritional career, nuts were considered off the menu. “Too much fat!” experts claimed. Of course eggs, potatoes and chocolate were too. 592 more words


Transferring Site

I’m transferring all info to Bluehost.com. The name of the site should remain the same – talkingtomyweightlosscounselor.com

It may be a few days before everything is up and running.  59 more words

Feeding the Tiger, Fighting the Lions

Lord, long before the 92 pounds left , I was hopelessly tied up by the gluttony monster and he kept me trapped. He wasn’t about to let me go. 970 more words


God Loves My Fat Body As It Is

I had the privilege of writing an article for Christianity Today this week.

This article first appeared on October 14, 215 on Her.Meneutics

In all of my remembered days, two truths remain constant: I believe in God, and I am fat. 113 more words


Eating Right Isn't Complicated

Eating right shouldn’t be that complicated. God advised Adam how to eat in one sentence:

“Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. 571 more words


The Feeding Trough & Turning Green

Lord, thank You for helping me at the Feeding Trough.

I chose to eat there instead of the Chinese Buffet. At the buffet you can’t bring food home, but at Lambert’s you can. 751 more words

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