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Days 25-26: Whole30 Becomes Whole26

I’m done. I just can’t put my love for vegetables in jeopardy anymore. I have a long weight loss journey ahead of me yet and eating only fruits and veggies is sabotaging my long-term goal.  755 more words

Christian Weight Loss

IT'S A GOD THING - Part two. (How I lost 72 pounds.)


Several have asked me, “How have you lost weight? What are you doing?”

This is my story:

Weighing 241 pounds I cried out in desperation to God.         993 more words

My WHOLE30 Adventure: Day 3

So, I haven’t written here for a very long time. I have just left the blog sit here with occasional hits on my Healthy Appetizer… 377 more words

Christian Weight Loss

"Okay, So What About the Paleo Diet?"

Asked about this diet recently, I have procrastinated answering, for Paleo is controversial. We live by Grace and we can pretty much eat what we want, even if it’s not good for us.  589 more words


To Veg or Not to Veg . . . That's an Interesting Question

A Vegetarian Diet is an interesting and sometimes controversial subject. Even though I’m not a vegetarian, by faith I follow God’s laws – so what does He say about it? 816 more words


Let the Weight Loss Season Begin! Let's Start With The Best

As promised in my post from December 31st, I am planning a series of “diet” blogs. What works, what doesn’t.  My goal is to encourage those attempting to lose weight, to do so, safely and logically. 704 more words