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Mentoring Is More Than Affirmation

Sometimes over the years I have read the question from younger women, “Where are the older, godly, Titus 2 women?”

I’ve also read many sentiments from younger women, especially younger moms, that they don’t want anyone to criticize them or tell them they should be doing anything differently. 1,965 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

I follow ...

As a Christian woman, I find myself drawn to great and influential Christian authors and preachers. I glean information from these great thinkers and speakers on their relationships with Christ. 640 more words

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Problems, Blessings, and Dangers of Middle Age

Some time back, I saw a few people online lamenting that there weren’t many blog posts written for “middle-aged” women. There are a lot of “mom blogs,” particularly for moms with young children. 2,169 more words

Christian Womanhood

Random thoughts on trusting the Lord

The Lord is my keeper. He comforts me in my time of troubles. He guides me and directs me. The Lord is faithful. He is faithful in spite of my weaknesses, fears, doubts, and disobedience. 498 more words

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what happened?

What happened to that girl God?

What happened to that girl?

What happened to that girl God?

What happened to that girl?

She got pregnant at 18 but she didn’t die. 384 more words

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Honoring the moms in my life

May always makes me think of my mom, because Mother’s Day and her birthday are both this month. She passed away eleven years ago at the age of 68, much sooner than either of us wanted to say good-bye. 708 more words