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This is Me!

My first blog post is entitled This Is Me.  I recently seen The Greatest Showman, and this song resonated with me one a different level. 442 more words


A Stirred-up Woman

I keep a section in my “notes” app on my phone for jotting down things that strike me that I want to look into further, either for my own study or perhaps to develop into a blog post. 1,096 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

Getting in Touch with my Biblical Feminine Side

Every once in awhile I do a feature titled “Currently Reading.” These are books for which I haven’t been given any review mandate and may or may not finish, but feel are worth mentioning. 778 more words


Looking to Jesus' example in discipling our children

Some folks think of Christ only as “a good example.” We know better, of course. We know He is the Son of God, the “ 1,764 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

Mentoring Is More Than Affirmation

Sometimes over the years I have read the question from younger women, “Where are the older, godly, Titus 2 women?”

I’ve also read many sentiments from younger women, especially younger moms, that they don’t want anyone to criticize them or tell them they should be doing anything differently. 1,965 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

I follow ...

As a Christian woman, I find myself drawn to great and influential Christian authors and preachers. I glean information from these great thinkers and speakers on their relationships with Christ. 640 more words

Carrie G

Problems, Blessings, and Dangers of Middle Age

Some time back, I saw a few people online lamenting that there weren’t many blog posts written for “middle-aged” women. There are a lot of “mom blogs,” particularly for moms with young children. 2,169 more words

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