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What is a Christian Worldview?

If you have not read the previous article, What is a Worldview? click here.

Now that you understand what a worldview is, I will now move on to answer the question, what is a Christian worldview.  219 more words


love vs. liable

My family waited out Saturday’s tornado with other customers and employees in the basement of the Rockford Shoe Depot. When the tornado was a few minutes away, my brother went upstairs to see what was happening outside. 391 more words

Christian Worldview

Bishop Robert Barron on Catholic Social Teaching and Economics

A good presentation of the Catholic view of modern economics. Here’s the summary:

What is Catholic social teaching and what does it have to say about the economy, business, and our everyday work lives?

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Christian Worldview

Who are the closed-minded?

Often the person with spiritual convictions is seen as close-minded and others are seen as open-minded. What is fascinating to me is that at the center of the Christian faith is the assumption that this life isn’t all there is. 87 more words


Death and Life with Christ

Our death with Christ is not an end in itself.  By faith, we go on to life with Christ.  Paul does not speak very often of “believing that” (again in 10.9; 1 Thessalonians 4.14), but the truth that genuine trust is based on fact runs through his writings.  200 more words

Christian Worldview

What is a Worldview?

A worldview is a paradigm which influences the way one looks at the world.  Your worldview is the philosophy of life that you use to interpret everything.  237 more words


What is the Christian Faith? Part 2

Last year, 2015, a man named David Fitzgerald recounted his experience in an interview. As a ‘christian’ and a Southern Baptist, he remembered going around judging whether or not people were saved. 3,335 more words