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Knowledge and a College Sunday School Class

Teaching College Students how to be intellectually savvy in subject matter attaining to theology and philosophy is a difficult task.  Albeit difficult, it is an essential task. 737 more words

Recommitted: My CHRISTyle One Year Later

Today I celebrate one year of blogging. This day also coincides with my birthday.

Today I am eternally grateful to my awesome, amazing and wonderful God, my Father, my friend, and my partner — I love you! 394 more words

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A Reflection on Normalcy

As my group sat together munching on subs in one of the University of Florida’s dining halls, my Preview staffer piped up and asked, “Who likes free stuff?” 1,418 more words


spies and lies

A second undercover video of a Planned Parenthood doctor was released yesterday. This one cleverly sprung the trap set by the first video. PP President Cecile Richards responded to the first video by categorically denying that PP sells baby parts, and this one shows one of her abortionists, who could pass as the German villain in an action movie, negotiating prices. 1,039 more words

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Judge Not!

If liberals ever had a favourite verse, this would be it. “Judge not, lest ye be judged. So get off my back and let me do what I want.” (New Liberal Translation). 858 more words

This is a keeper: What the Supreme Court has said about taxing churches

The Supreme Court’s square circle /  “same-sex marriage” ruling had been out for 15 minutes before the Gaystapo was already calling for more attacks on the real church.   302 more words