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Apologetic Sermon Illustration #29: FBI going after terrorist network and not just individuals and importance of refuting worldviews


Point: Some Christians engage in apologetics in a piecemeal fashion.  They give evidence here and there.  They refute an objection here and there.   548 more words


Luke 22:38 and Self Defense

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In the many discussions of the “right to bear arms” and the “right of self defense” one passage of Scripture receives an amount of attention far beyond the weight it can support. 1,581 more words


Testing the Christian Worldview

A number of years ago a survey floated around the internet that professed to tell you if you had a Christian Worldview. It contained some doctrinal questions one would consider mere Christianity, but it also provided many questions of a political nature. 835 more words


Worldview Development

We do not have to be philosophers or theologians to have a worldview. It is that collection of knowledge and experience that forms the filter of how we interpret the world around us. 911 more words


Advent, Worship and Outreach

(Advent worship planning is upon us again, and I hope this re-post of an earlier entry will help in your preparations both personally and corporately…) 889 more words

ETS 2015

The Evangelical Theological Society’s annual meeting is different for everyone, as we attend different sessions and meet or miss (sorry, Jim!) different people. Here are a few highlights for me. 685 more words