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So my first novel is available now for purchase. In my head I have many more to follow (two as sequels of this first one) but I won’t get ahead of myself at the moment. 1,193 more words


4 seasons in life when you need to fix your focus

Focus. It’s what drives you to a goal, grounds you and keeps you pushing. In life there are so many times when we lose our focus from what matters; God. 1,282 more words

Point Of View

An Honor Worth Celebrating!

Recently, I had some fellow bloggers “nominate” Unfading Beauty Ministries for some peer-recognition “awards”. 

Now, I want to say from the start that I didn’t start Unfading Beauty Ministries for the attention that I would get, rather, I started it to bring attention to God. 1,039 more words


When You're Found...

Have you ever encountered someone you “know” and they said they found you online? By “know” I mean you are familiar with them, perhaps talk to them, but you’re not intimate by any means. 724 more words


The Gravestone. A poem by Dalton Smith

I opened my eyes and began to scream

This place can’t be real, it must be a dream

My current reality shocks me to my core… 339 more words


Day 11 of 31 Days of Seeing Jesus In Your Daily Life: The Storm

Fog hovers over the surface of the lake;

spreading its arms, quieting its wake.

A hush comes over the forest that is not the norm. 836 more words


Day 10 of 31 Days of Seeing Jesus in Your Daily Life: Two Little Girls

Two little girls

Sat together in the same row,

Because there was no one with the last name

Beginning with M, N, or O

Two little girls… 1,027 more words