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Internationally Known Christian Writer Reacts to Manchester Concert Bombing

Katy, Texas) Ariana Grande was just finishing her concert when things went horribly wrong. Some report hearing one explosion, some heard only one. People began fleeing. 212 more words

I'm Good...and Other Lies We Tell

We spent the first few minutes catching up. Work, the kids, and all the busyness of life that fills up so much space and time. Because we’ve gotten older and our friendship allows it, we even shared the aches, pains and nagging complaints. 842 more words



Father God, as I come to you with the emotions that I have with me on this rainy day. I’m just fighting to cling to your truths. 1,114 more words


Now That's Great Faith

Faith is the essence of the Christian experience. Unfortunately,  There is so much misinformation about faith one can easily get lost in a maze of misinformation. 707 more words

Teena Myers

Reflections on Suffering

There must be a reason for all the suffering in the world and I reasoned that the reason is hidden in Job. Who has suffered more than Job? 656 more words

Teena Myers

The Kind of Giving that Gives Back

The question creeps into a late night conversation while we catch up over the DVR. “What would you like to do for Mother’s Day?” It’s followed by a very macho pleading to throw him a bone in the form of my wants and deepest desires. 720 more words

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Father God, I come to you with thanksgiving on what this moment, and time of stillness that I am in. I come to you with gratitude and love for what you are doing in me. 750 more words