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Christian Convictions: Magic in Writing

Christians and Magic

I don’t care for the word ‘magic’. It can be a touchy word in the Christian community. Is magic bad? Is some magic fine to read and other magic not? 1,189 more words

Writer's Corner

When You Feel Powerless

After the good-nights had been said and I pulled the door shut, I heard his call. “Mom” was laced with a hint of quiver and the tilt of a question. 328 more words


When You Need Balance

Every year, I mourn the end of summer. While there is a part of me that appreciates fall’s set routine, I’m often looking over my shoulder with fond remembrance of the longer days, slower pace, and heaps of family togetherness that summer afforded. 530 more words


My First Vlog...

My First Vlog!!!

Hello, everyone! So I finally decided (after many nights of agonizing with myself and telling myself that posting three times a week was enough and no one wanted to hear more about me) that Saturdays are going to be my random days for occasional posts…things like writing or book tags. 173 more words

A Writer's Life

When You Need Someone

Can we agree that friendship is hard? It’s complicated and complex and like any other relationship, to be done right, it takes purpose and intention. 198 more words


Fidelyon Beta-Readers!

So, if any of you guys remember the blog schedule I wrote up last month, you’ll see that I’m already off track. I know. *sighs* I’ve given up. 790 more words

Writer's Corner

When You Want a Do Over

Ever hit the pillow at the end of the day and think, “Do over, please?” If you’re anything like me, you can find it hard to put a bad day to bed. 305 more words