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I’ve noticed lately, that when my work is rejected or if I don’t get a lot of views and comments on my blog, I get discouraged and depressed for days. 366 more words

When You Need Some Insta-Encouragement

I’m the wife, mom, teacher, taxi driver, writer/blogger, daughter, friend, family counselor and CEO of household chores. If you’re anything like me, you wear many hats. 883 more words

Christian Blog


Davin was a hippy child, he was brought up in the countryside of California, Oregon, and Washington state. His most memorable moments are from these places, between the ages of seven and fourteen, sufficient time for them to settle deep within him. 682 more words


January Highlights: Writing, Reading, and Outlining

I give up. I don’t know what normal weather here in the midwest is anymore. We had a few good snow falls earlier in the winter, but part way through this month all the snow melted. 880 more words

A Writer's Life

Survival Mode

Lord, I need you with my finances,

It’s a struggle to get a reimbursement,

and the money is still so little.

Like how am I suppose to survive? 488 more words


When You're Waiting on God

Waiting is hard.

That’s an opinion I feel confident asserting. Not that I’d take to the Capitol steps to gather supporters, but if I did an unofficial poll, it’s safe to say the general population would agree with me. 880 more words


Let You Go

We have sought the truth when we’ve felt the pain

Even wandered beyond our faith in the name

We cannot pretend we are always ok… 2,648 more words