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What "They" Say - Yoga for the heart

Acts 14:11 Paul was a god. By verse 19 Paul was stoned. Don’t give too much weight to what “they” say about you either way. … 334 more words

Christian Yoga

Laurette Willis Creates PraiseMoves as The Christian Alternative to Yoga

This is the final part of a four part interview with yoga expert, Laurette Willis.

If you have not read the previous three posts, you’ll be greatly benefited by reading them first. 2,512 more words

Biblical Health Study

Brahmacharya: Continence, using energy well, celibacy/fidelity, 1Cor 1-5 #holyyoga #norcalholyyoga #brahmacharya #mercy #failure #keeptrying

Oh, people, this has been a hard one for me. I’ve tried finding the strength and words but it seems as though there’s none. 224 more words

Christian Yoga

Yoga of the Heart: Asteya

Asteya: non-stealing. Of time. Of energy. Of focus. From yourself or others. Ex 20:15; Col 3:23; Eccl. 9:10 #holyyoga #nonstealing

When I did my series of meditations on asteya the focus of time, energy, and focus is what repeatedly came up to the surface.   296 more words

Christian Yoga

Holy Yoga Feature | Salvation Army Magazine

Read the write up from Salvation Army here!

After the SMH article, I have been cognisant or cautious of taking interviews; purely for the sake of avoiding persecution and conflict. 214 more words


Yoga for Asthma | Yoga Therapy

I’m not asthmatic but this topic interests me because my elder son is.  My son loves his cardio and team sports.  He plays tennis. He’s an avid soccer player and swims.   819 more words

Holy Yoga

Christian Yoga?

Is there such a thing? Or does yoga imply an invitation to someone(thing) other than Jesus?

Today when I was praying, I found my body was in need of some stretching. 317 more words

Christian Yoga