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Holy Yoga

So what is Holy Yoga? Can yoga even be practiced by Christians? Why would anyone even want to put Christ at the center of yoga anyway?  95 more words


The Why

Have you ever felt trapped?  Living life for others but completely lost to yourself?  God created us to serve, but in my spiritual life I have never learned how to simply be.  67 more words



Today I signed up for the Holy Yoga teacher training class.  This is a huge leap of faith and trust and something that I would like to share with others who might find themselves on a similar journey.  49 more words


Holy Yoga | The Beginning

My first post to capture my journey on Holy Yoga…and a post for the curious.

Believe it or not… for the past 6 years of my yoga practise, I have not heard about its roots or association with Hinduism. 1,734 more words


Why do yoga?

Is yoga just fru fru new-age mumbo jumbo? What is this chakra thing all about? Why should I care? What about Jesus?

I completely understand your questions and I get asked them a lot. 464 more words


spiritual Divine: Jesus and mala beads

spiritual Divine: Jesus and mala beads.

A beautiful rendition of one woman’s path of faith and the part yoga plays in it.

Personal Growth

Why Yoga is Not for Christians Part 1


The commencement of this document came from the persistent questioning from my 8 year old daughter about two questions.

Two questions I dearly wish to answer for her. 12,082 more words