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You Are a Star!

My son is in first grade. I kept him home for kindergarten, so this is his first experience with “big kid school”. He is adjusting and improving. 701 more words

The Hard Part of Yoga (and being a Christian)

The other day I posted a picture of myself in a low lunge. I was hoping to inspire people to come to my yoga class. I received a lot of likes (which is what we all live for right?!) And one of my friends told me she was hurting just looking at the pose. 373 more words

Listen to the Creator...

Hello all, I hope you are having a great day, and I know I haven’t posted a whole lot, but with classes its been crazy but also great!  339 more words

Living On and Off the Mat, A Metaphor for Christian Living. Part 2

So a couple of weeks ago I was in the midst of a self practice session when I finally started using my foam blocks. I know right?! 749 more words

Living On and Off the Mat, a Metaphor for Christian Living.

Well, I’m back a school. Summer vacation was good, needed and well-deserved. The week before I went back to school I treated myself to yoga classes, where I wasn’t the instructor. 494 more words

I originally wrote this article in 2016. Periodically, I bring it back out for Christians to read. The devil will always whisper to the children of God: “Yoga is fine!

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Christian Yoga

From journal entry 24 April 2016

Note: This is not a judgment or condemnation of people who do Christian yoga.  I know that most participants are devoted Christians longing for a deeper connection with GOD. 526 more words