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Yogi Squat

Yogi Squat:

  1. Step your feet a little more than shoulder width (or hip width) apart.
  2. Inhaling, sweep your hands above your head til your palms touch.
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Christ-centered Yoga

In the essentials, unity; in the non-essentials, diversity; in all things charity.                                                 Rupertus Meldenius

Circumcision, transubstantiation, keeping the Sabbath, believers versus infant baptism, acceptable languages for Bible translation, music in the church–divisions and controversies in many forms have fragmented the church over the centuries.

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Christian Freedom

Y is for Yoga

Yoga can be a religion. But so can Netflix. Not that I’m converting, but I’ve never heard of a yoga practitioner who donned a suit of explosives and took out a plaza… Yoga people, the religious sort, are usually wiry, elven, stoic folk who don’t talk much and never eat. 304 more words

Personal Journey


When Pontus Pilate questioned Jesus, shortly before His crucifixion, Pilate asked, “What is truth?” That question still resonates today as we are confronted with the Gospel. 543 more words

Christian Yoga


The unknown is an exhausting place to be. Waiting, just waiting. In November 2015 I completed 225 hour Holy Yoga instructor training. My Pastor has grave concerns about this ministry so here I am praying and waiting. 199 more words

Christian Freedom

The Mailbag: Should Christians do yoga?

Should Christians do yoga? What about Holy Yoga or other “Christianized” forms of yoga?

Before I give my answer to this question, I’d like to ask a couple of questions. 749 more words


Holy Yoga | Wasn't so simple as a "Story on rising popularity of Christian Yoga"

Many are asking about my thoughts on the controversy of the article that I contributed to. This article was published across the different news publication properties of Fairfax Media. 309 more words