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Christ-Service Representative

Acts 6:7 states that as The Word of God spread, the number of believers increased.

As I think about the number of Christians who are still around the world, today’s Bible reading made me go back to the very roots. 285 more words


he liked to play a game with me
a game I hated called pillows
where he would lie on top of me
and wouldn’t let me get away… 202 more words


Our Final Days and a Deal With God

I wonder if she woke feeling any different that day, if she’d had any telltale dreams. We women have our sixth sense about things. But she probably had no inkling that it was her last dawn, at least on this earth. 773 more words


In The Final Hours . . .

A short story of the last few hours of someone left behind . . .

Chapter 1

He sat staring at the computer monitor, looking at the blank page in front of him. 784 more words




Last week I sat in on our Company’s Town Hall and the CEO said something I believe we’ve all heard before, but this particular day it spoke a whole new meaning to me…  As I sat there I looked around and thought “Wow, all of this came from one man…”  Billions in earnings, millions in profits, thousands of employee’s, hundreds of shows per year all from one man…  What started as a thought become a vision…  What started as a vision became a reality…  What started as a reality has become a legacy…  All because one man had a vision and he declared it would become a reality… 63 more words


The Good of Faith is Not Possible Without Works

Selection from Arcana Cœlestia ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

The good of faith produces works, because the good of faith is not possible without works, just as thinking good and willing good are not possible without doing good. 1,433 more words

Emanuel Swedenborg