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Prayer & Meditation

There is a word in scripture that is used for “meditation” it is the Hebrew word Siyach and its root words. When we study this word in the Bible it brings to light a better understanding of how prayer… 596 more words


A New Creation

I’m sitting here having coffee admiring the beautiful sunshine outside.  It’s been raining and/or cloudy for days, so the sunshine is a welcome change.  Can’t you just see the Father’s touch on the tapestry of the earth and skies?   1,247 more words


Emotional Templates

People think about suicide all of the time. This world can be so hopeless and dreary… We give people the most cliche answers instead of dig deeper and give from our heart.

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What was the first thing that Satan tried to tempt Jesus with?
(1) Suggested Jesus change stones into bread?
(2) Suggested Jesus change water into wine? 16 more words


Anchor Me

Anchor me, O God Of Life
In Your flowing, soothing water
Lead, lead me out of strife
As I cling to You, O my Father. 121 more words


Good and Evil

In the Garden of Eden what kept Adam and Eve from being seen? When God called out to Adam and Eve after they had eaten the forbidden fruit they hid themselves in the garden; they were afraid because they were naked. 1,221 more words

Hey God it's me!

Hi God, it’s me.  Thanks so much for answering prayers, thanks that you work in mysterious ways, so like today you provided a message for me, via the facebook post of a friend of a friend, you didn’t choose to send this directly to me, but ensured that through using a third party, not only would I get the message, but also the blessing of a friend, who fed back to her friend and before I have time to spend any more time being amazed by your grace, they’ve messaged and my support circle just grew to include another who’s committed to you. 493 more words