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Am I an Aetheist or a Christian?

If I find myself agreeing more with most atheists instead of most Christians does that mean I am becoming am atheist? I wonder sometimes.

Why do we say grace? 340 more words


Firm Foundation

Welcome back!
I’m just going to jump straight in with no intro. Lately I’ve been thinking about what it means to pursue a relationship with God. 1,059 more words

Strong Demons

If we believe in the Light, we have to believe too in the Dark. St. Ignatius taught about discerning Spirits in his Spiritual Exercises. I personally do not like to think much about this, but from time to time I am confronted with the question of demons in our world. 518 more words


Health: Grow Herbs and Trees

GOD is calling us to grow herbs and medicinal trees. Too many are becoming endangered due to over harvesting. Allow your hard to be the grocery store. 24 more words


Superstitious Fears are Not from God

11:11, 666, dreams, certain words or events… these are things that plague the minds of some; they are afraid that it might be some kind of bad “omen.” 552 more words

A Woman of Character: HOPE


Sometimes in life we experience difficulties. Situations of loss or setbacks. We are in positions that we feel are not moving forward. 370 more words

Hope Restored

As I was writing my last post, I really got to thinking about hope—especially the hope I have for my Drewman. Writing about hope made me really ask myself if I have lost all hope for my own son. 510 more words