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Continuing on with my theme of who will or won’t believe, I present what Jesus said regarding the parable he told of the four kinds of ground which the gospel seeds fell into. 292 more words

Open Heart Surgery

Initial appointment.
Discuss symptoms.
Run test.
Identify causes.
Discuss treatments.
And consequences.
Only one sure cure.
Weeks to recover.
Daily medicine.
Make decision.
Operation. 37 more words

Church Shopping: Pergamum

Sometimes compromise is absolutely essential to living life well. In 2005, the Guinness Book of World Records said that Percy and Florence Arrowsmith held two records—the longest marriage of a living couple (80 years) and having the largest married couple’s aggregate age (205 years). 1,358 more words


The Small Things of a Relationship

Sometimes, little things make a big difference...”
― Nino Varsimashvili

This quote by Nino really reflected in my life yesterday as I walked home. 976 more words


Prerequisites of Worship (part 2)

I’m looking forward to reading your praise reports.
Watch this youtube video:
Worship the King by Twinkie Clarke

Worship the King! Stay in Him presence. Love on Him. 711 more words

Praise And Worship

Castles in the Sand author interviewed about contemplative mystic, Teresa of Avila

About Carolyn Greene and her book, Castles in the Sand: When Lighthouse Trails published this book, I read it, and was in awe (still am). Greene showed how contemplative spirituality is infesting Christian colleges and churches, and she did it in the form of a very entertaining novel. 1,182 more words

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Eroded, Eclipsed and Liquidated!

“God is Being Eroded, Eclipsed, Liquidated” in the United States, Cardinal Says

Robert Sarah warned against a ‘demonic’ threat to American society and encouraged prayer. … 219 more words