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"One of These Days I'll Find a Human That Actually Listens"

I read another anti-gay post. Yes. After my better half forbade me to read them. She’s like the Doctor and I’m her companion who goes off chasing a kitten in London after dark and I find myself in the middle of some kind of galactic throw down after she’s told me to stay put. 434 more words


Christian woman gives £1000 to Muslim family after attack

A Christian woman has donated £1000 to a Muslim family in the UK after learning that their shop was attacked.

Mohammed Riaz, 58, was attacked in Bradford in July 2016 by three people inside his butcher’s shop, Meat Hut. 202 more words

True Courage

During my first son’s experience in  Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island I had him read all about David. I would read it as well, and wee would exchange letters. 359 more words


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1. NY Times – Gunmen opened fire near a shopping mall in Munich just before 6 p.m. on Friday, killing nine people and wounding many others in an assault that the German police said they were treating as a suspected terrorist attack. 959 more words


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1. CBN – Wednesday evening, America got its first introduction to Pastor Darrell Scott…and boy, oh boy, did he make his presence known. He even started trending on Twitter after his fiery and memorable speech. 1,026 more words


The Lord Foresees and Provides

From Arcana Coelestia ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

The Lord’s Providence is in the veriest singulars of all things, but not according to such an order as man proposes to himself, because things to come are both foreseen and provided; and that the case is like that of a person building a palace, who first collects materials of every kind, and lays them together in heaps, where they lie without order, while the kind of palace to be formed from them exists solely in the understanding of the architect.

(Arcana Coelestia 6486)

Emanuel Swedenborg