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I Got the Good News Wrong

Sharing the good news is so unnatural. It seems disingenuous and contrary to organic relationship.

“Hi, my name is Mary. Do you trust Jesus?” It’s like asking someone if they’re evil or not. 488 more words

True Stories

Stop Saying "I'll Pray for You"

The words felt awkward and insincere coming out of my mouth.

“I’ll be praying for you,” I said, handing over her smashed license plate.

It was about 45 minutes later than I had expected to be at the intersection of Wards and Harvard. 544 more words

Relational Religion

“I love Jesus, but I’m not religious”

Ever heard that one before? of course you have. I confess, I was a proud member of that dreadful way of thinking once upon a time. 274 more words

The Boy Jesus and the Bottle of Myrrh (A Short Story)

What if Jesus did not instantly know who he was? Or what his gifts were? What if it dawned on him only gradually, as it dawns on each of us?

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The Father Loves You

I was texting people and told them that “Papa God Loves Them” and the outright response was, He loves you too. For some reason, this becomes a Christian slang or Christianese but when we ask people why they will just say, that’s just it. 457 more words

Holy Spirit

"Christianese" and Monotonous Prayers

Hey TD!

In writing on “Christianese” worship and living last week in “Let’s Stop the ‘Christianese’!”, I came across a helpful, practical article by our friend, Greg Koukl, from Stand to Reason on “A Solution to Monotonous Prayers”; in other words, “Christianese” prayers; prayers with no weight, meaning, power, or access to God. 796 more words

Let's Stop the "Christianese"!

Hey TD!

As I was reading Joshua 13 last week, my heart was gripped, my eyes riveted to the sentence, and my soul stunned when I reached the last verse.  1,174 more words