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An Atheist, a Christian, and Bubble Tea


Ahh bubble tea. One of the more interesting drinks. Part thirst quenching beverage part plastic-y tapioca balls of deliciousness. I remember the first time I had bubble tea.   449 more words


Introducing "After Christianese"

As a convert to Christianity I find that I am hyper aware of Christianese. Christianese is the manifestation of our separateness from the world around us. 544 more words


Biblical Theme Parks

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to watch Jurassic World – and I’m sure glad I did. Anybody familiar with the formula knows what to expect, so there’s really no need to go into it. 590 more words



I don’t say what I am about to say out of a sense of pride.  I don’t say what I am about to say out of a sense of happiness or satisfaction.   1,692 more words

Fools in Love - Part II

“It’s easy to fool the eye, but it’s hard to fool the heart.” -Al Pacino

The last time I heard from Nick the Strict, he sent me… 424 more words


What Are The Chances?

God is so cute.

That’s a phrase the worship pastor at my church likes to use when God does something unexpected… and not seemingly in a good way, but in the end, it’s better than you first thought it was going to be. 497 more words


Does adoption Christianese sometimes feel like a sucker punch?

Editor’s note: Today we present the final post in a miniseries from Shannon on the words we use in the church when talking about adoption. 922 more words

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