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Church Talk

From journal entry 7 January 2016:

I am often frustrated with “church talk.” It feels so trite and shallow. These words, at some point, were fresh and new, but as they are overused and frilled on pillows, they become stale and moldy. 46 more words


Blog 0302a – Christianese: Confess (Admit Sin)

Anyone who watches television knows what it means to confess. It is the final scene of every police, detective or court room drama you’ve ever seen. 628 more words

Sacred Spaces 545 - "Covered by the Blood" (Promise, we're not vampires...)

I heard this talk yesterday and the speaker ended off in prayer and in that prayer they mentioned being “covered by the blood of Jesus.” 1,121 more words


Life Lessons, Life Excuses

Mark 12.41-44.
Now, Jesus sat opposite the treasury and saw how the people put money into the treasury (gazophylakiou). And many who were rich ( 926 more words


Words I am Avoiding.

I was writing a blog post last week and I was ecstatic at the progress I began to make. I was confident of the stories I was putting together and my excitement began to flourish at the thought of you reading it. 704 more words

Christianity: I don't get what you're saying

Take a look at the above graphic. Oh I love it!

If you are in a Christian circle, you’ll know what this is about. Christians have these certain lingos that we throw around so often that it either loses meaning or it actually makes the person hearing it react differently that intended. 458 more words



  After I left religion, it didn’t take long for me to realize that evil was good. Oops. Did I just write that out loud? I imagine some of my atheist readers are scratching their heads, wondering if I’ve finally gone bonkers, catapulted into sheer madness, perhaps by the very lively conversation that followed last week’s blog post. 1,265 more words