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Speaking Christianese II

“I cannot believe this is happening to me! I did everything right.”     “Don’t worry just count it all joy. it will work for your good” 627 more words



are you ready to talk about another one of those misused christian-ese phrases? the one I’ve got for you today is one that has blown my mind since I’ve stopped to think about what it actually means, underneath all of the perceived uses and baggage it perhaps carries. 763 more words

Real Talk

Hebrew childbirth or die trying

‘I want to give birth like the Hebrew women, or I’ll die trying. And even if I don’t die, and my baby ends up being born disabled, it’d have been worth it in the end, because I did it like a bawse Hebrew woman.’ 455 more words


Help me Fill in the Blank!

I am starting a new series here on the site!

I’ve been out of youth ministry for about 4 years. However, during my time serving young believers, I was often asked to define “church words.” Since I grew up in the church I did not give many of these words much thought. 231 more words


Christianise and some random thoughts...

“Christianity is decaying and going down into the gutter because the God of modern christianity is not the God of the bible.” A.W. Tozer

Wow what a way to start a post huh ;)  I will preface and say I go to an amazing church that loves people well. 804 more words

Two FRESH new ways to be an annoying Christian

I’m good at annoying people. Sometimes I repel people from Jesus, the very thing, the very Person, I’d like to compel them to without even trying. 603 more words


Buzzology: An Introduction

Every field has its own language. Music, mechanics, construction, sports, theology, and well, I think you get the idea. You’ve heard of Hebrew and Greek, but if you want to grow beyond baby Christendom, you must master buzzology. 313 more words