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But Officer, It's the "Spirit" of the Law

Jesus Christ is the spirit of the Law; the letter of the Law is Satan.

Thirty years ago while visiting my brother in cambridge, Mass., I met the man next door, a socio/anthro/econo/lingo-ologist at MIT, working on a grant, searching for a common thread that ties all of life together—everything from the cosmos to world events to sugar ants. 1,365 more words


Jesus: Noun v Verb

I have this habit of searching for negative reviews of things on the internet. Don’t ask why. It is a habit I am trying to break. 1,242 more words

Keep Calm And Read On

Finding Satisfaction

So. I’m supposed to be cleaning my house and doing some studying today, but I was really hit with the Word, and I wanted to write it down for future reference… so I thought I might as well blog it, since I haven’t done it in a while… 1,009 more words


6 Most Popular Phrases In Christianese

In case you’re wondering what Christianese is, it simply refers to Christian-speak, that is, the body of language that Christians understand and use amongst themselves colloquially. 54 more words

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Yard Sale Bonus

Not far from us, a large Pentecostal denomination operates a summer camp and retreat center. At the beginning of July, they have a giant yard sale which we try not to miss. 241 more words


WATCH: Paula White On The Brody File: Donald Trump "Knows God"


Televangelist Paula White sat down recently with The Brody File and tells us that Donald Trump’s presidential run has the hand of God on it. 316 more words