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"Christianese" and Monotonous Prayers

Hey TD!

In writing on “Christianese” worship and living last week in “Let’s Stop the ‘Christianese’!”, I came across a helpful, practical article by our friend, Greg Koukl, from Stand to Reason on “A Solution to Monotonous Prayers”; in other words, “Christianese” prayers; prayers with no weight, meaning, power, or access to God. 796 more words

Let's Stop the "Christianese"!

Hey TD!

As I was reading Joshua 13 last week, my heart was gripped, my eyes riveted to the sentence, and my soul stunned when I reached the last verse.  1,174 more words

With a Grain of Salt

One of the reasons why I don’t fit in with the Southern Baptists anymore is a certain amount of skepticism that I’ve developed over the years under their teachings. 671 more words

We Are Poetry

“We’re not happy, we’re joyful.”

Growing up, this was how emotions were treated in my church. Emotions were fleeting. Feelings didn’t really count. They weren’t to be trusted, and if you could substitute in a Christian word that was less about how you actually felt and more about how you were supposed to feel, that was a far better choice. 747 more words


He's on a bit of a journey...

I read a fascinating article the other day entitled ‘The Dangers of Church Lingo’. As a recovering polyglot, I am always intrigued by the intricacies of language, and church, like any other social group, has definitely got its own lingo to make those on the inside smile/wince but leave A N Other somewhat befuddled. 703 more words

On Order

For God is not a God of disorder but of peace—as in all the congregations of the Lord’s people. – 1 Cor. 14:33

It just struck me how much the new… 901 more words


The 411 on God

I’m so glad that we’ve got God completely figured out these days. That we know what words to say to manipulate Him into doing our will. 568 more words