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Does adoption Christianese sometimes feel like a sucker punch?

Editor’s note: Today we present the final post in a miniseries from Shannon on the words we use in the church when talking about adoption. 922 more words

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Are You Blessed?

Realizing that finals week is definitely causing me to lose points on this daily thing…

For the past two weeks, as deadlines and finals and commitments and insanity have been piling up, I’ve taken notice of a wide variety of people asking: 173 more words

When speaking to non-Christians, do you use any of these Christianese terms?

I found this article by J. Warner Wallace and thought it was appropriate because it’s Easter, and there are always questions.

First, the list of Christianese: (not his term) 606 more words


15 Things Christian College Students Say

As a senior at a rather popular Christian university, I have come to realize that there are SO MANY things we say here that people on the outside would have NO IDEA what we are talking about. 1,380 more words

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Food For Thought: Follow Up

Ok. So. I started a food blog, and already it has more readers than this blog… I’m sure there’s a Bible verse about satisfying your stomach over your soul somewhere… but if you would like some recipes, go ahead and also follow… 158 more words


“Love the sinner but hate the sin,” which translates to, “we are enormous pompous jerks.” – Interrupted: When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Life, Jen Hatmaker

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Growing out of and yet remaining in Child-like Belief

Growing up attending a Christian Church in any denomination is very confusing. At first, you’re the future of the church and the center of attention, you get Vacation Bible School, you get Children’s Church and Children’s Moments which may include: being given candy and other snacks as well as small toys and doing crafts. 637 more words