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How to Succeed, the Company Way

A few pages showing how it all gradually but inexorably begins to permeate my life. Up until this point, politics, the vita publica, has generally remained outside the domain of the diary. 846 more words

A Heart for Muslims

Let me begin by banging my head against a brick wall in order to get that and another thousand unhelpful phrases out of my brain… 811 more words

Words I am Avoiding.

I was writing a blog post last week and I was ecstatic at the progress I began to make. I was confident of the stories I was putting together and my excitement began to flourish at the thought of you reading it. 704 more words

Christianity: I don't get what you're saying

Take a look at the above graphic. Oh I love it!

If you are in a Christian circle, you’ll know what this is about. Christians have these certain lingos that we throw around so often that it either loses meaning or it actually makes the person hearing it react differently that intended. 458 more words



  After I left religion, it didn’t take long for me to realize that evil was good. Oops. Did I just write that out loud? I imagine some of my atheist readers are scratching their heads, wondering if I’ve finally gone bonkers, catapulted into sheer madness, perhaps by the very lively conversation that followed last week’s blog post. 1,265 more words


Archie Bunker rides again?

Does anyone out there remember William F. Buckley?  I enjoyed just listening to him, even if I didn’t understand all the multisyllabic words he used! 543 more words

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Music That Speaks

Micah Tyler’s Different


Whether you love country music, hate it or are sort of somewhere in the middle, Micah Tyler has an awesome spirit.  177 more words

Music That Speaks