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Christianity Drives Me Crazy

I thought about just adding this to the comments on my last blog post, but it seems to deserve a missive of its own. 1,092 more words


Watch Your Language! 10 Christian Terms that Need to be Cleaned Up

What would you think of a surgeon who forgot to take his scalpel to work one day and decided his pocketknife would be an adequate substitute? 1,611 more words


Christianese - Box Language

One of my pet ‘hates’ and one I’m completely guilty of is Christianese. If you’ve grown up in the church it’s like a second language and for people who aren’t up on the lingo, it can be a tad weird – or worse, a deal breaker. 459 more words

Authentic Faith

Can we please stop using the phrase 'life on life'?

Jargon is annoying at the best of times. It is in-house phrasing that no outsider is going to grasp. Nothing tells people they don’t belong faster than dropping some jargon into discussion. 858 more words

Weekend Link List

Yes, it’s one of those rare occurrences in space and time where we have link list on the weekend. This is Weekend List #33. Before we begin, here’s Judas as… 596 more words


Speaking Christianese II

“I cannot believe this is happening to me! I did everything right.”     “Don’t worry just count it all joy. it will work for your good” 627 more words



are you ready to talk about another one of those misused christian-ese phrases? the one I’ve got for you today is one that has blown my mind since I’ve stopped to think about what it actually means, underneath all of the perceived uses and baggage it perhaps carries. 763 more words

Real Talk