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God in the image of man

The portentous return of American protestant evangelical politics on the coattails of the Trump win has certainly been startling to me at least. As if to underscore this return is the announcement that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will take on the case… 649 more words


Texas Bill to "Protect" Sermons Signed in a Church by Gov. Abbott

Even though the First Amendment already protects free speech and also prevents the government from establishing a religion, the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, stepped into dangerous territory today over both constitutional guarantees.   464 more words


Texas Governor Urging Pastors to Support "Bathroom Bill"

Yesterday I wrote a about Christianism and it’s heavy hand in US politics. Some of my clergy colleagues may not agree with applying this term to fellow Christians.   389 more words


Christianism: On the Rise or Last Gasp?

I first learned the term “Christianism” in a piece by Andrew Sullivan a few years ago. Christianism is a label well earned by Christianists (inaccurately labeled the “Christian Right” by mainstream media), who are religious fundamentalists in the US that advocate for a political agenda with dangerous theocratic leanings. 297 more words