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Texas Bill to "Protect" Sermons Signed in a Church by Gov. Abbott

Even though the First Amendment already protects free speech and also prevents the government from establishing a religion, the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, stepped into dangerous territory today over both constitutional guarantees.   464 more words


Texas Governor Urging Pastors to Support "Bathroom Bill"

Yesterday I wrote a about Christianism and it’s heavy hand in US politics. Some of my clergy colleagues may not agree with applying this term to fellow Christians.   389 more words


Christianism: On the Rise or Last Gasp?

I first learned the term “Christianism” in a piece by Andrew Sullivan a few years ago. Christianism is a label well earned by Christianists (inaccurately labeled the “Christian Right” by mainstream media), who are religious fundamentalists in the US that advocate for a political agenda with dangerous theocratic leanings. 297 more words