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Biblical Themes that Define Us (4): Jesus's Family

Throughout Scripture, various motifs are given to describe the Christian life, motifs that can help us understand the way we should act as those who are called by God to be on mission in but not to be conformed to it (John 17:14-19). 564 more words



Trouble In Mind: Bob Dylan’s Gospel Years – What Really Happened by Clinton Heylin. Lesser Gods. 320 pages. 2017

The author writes that this book is very much about Dylan’s own response to both his newfound religious beliefs and the reaction it engendered by a cynical media. 1,539 more words

Christianity And Culture

THIS & THAT and Favorite Quotes of the Week

Christianity And Culture

Why Is the Missing Second Commandment Essential?

In the US Constitution, the 2nd Amendment matters. But for the 10 Commandments, the 2nd command matters much.

In Exodus 20, God says, “You shall not make for yourself a carved image. 537 more words

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FAITH AND WORK: Connecting Sunday to Monday

  • Pastor, Visit Their Workplace. Justin Buzzard writes “Because God designed people to work, my congregants spend most of the week at their workplace. I realized years ago that a powerful way to know and love my church members is to visit them there.
  • 2,373 more words
Christianity And Culture

Why The 10 Commandments You Never Knew Matter?

Is the Ten Commandments you thought you knew is real? Or rigged?

In Exodus 20:1-17, as well as Deuteronomy 5:6-21, the Ten Commandments were clearly reiterated. 569 more words



Wonder is the inspiring story of August Pullman (Jacob Tremblay), a boy born with a facial deformity, who is entering the fifth grade. Up until this point, Auggie had been homeschooled and lived a relatively sheltered life often venturing outside with his astronaut helmet so no one could see his face. 390 more words

Christianity And Culture