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On the Pre-Inauguration Sermon

I just read the sermon preached at the new president’s church service this morning. Its hagiography left me confused as to who was being worshiped (“You ended up garnering the most votes of any Republican in history.”/ “I don’t believe we’ve ever had a president with as many natural gifts as you.”). 148 more words


Before continuing the series on the biblical foundations for an inclusive approach to relations, especially between Christians, Jews, and Muslims, let me register my notes from a book called “Christianity, Diplomacy, and War” by the Cambridge professor Herbert Butterfield (1900-1979). 395 more words

Biblical Basis for Being Inclusive

For a time I will be writing blog entries that will appear in both  “mikenowandthen” and “biblenowandthen.” I have two reasons for this. First, I want to show that biblical Christians have have public views on ethics and politics which are not to be dismissed as being “merely religious.” It is becoming more common in our day for the views of Christians to be denigrated simply because they are held by Christians. 520 more words

Recommended Reading: January 14

If you read one article this week, look at Why Millennial College Students Should Study Theology by John Ehrett.

For those of you with extra reading this fine winter day, check out the following selections, gathered from around the blogging world these past few weeks. 195 more words


John Sailhamer: In Memoriam

I learned on Twitter earlier that John Sailhamer has passed away. Due to his failing health over the last decade, his last major project – … 741 more words



Martin Scorsese has a higher purpose in making films. He is not merely trying to entertain or provide a couple of hours of escapism. He wants the viewer to wrestle with difficult questions. 808 more words

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