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Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

Pluralism. It’s a popular idea these days- that all religions ultimately lead to God. But is it true? Do Muslims actually worship the God of the Bible, just in a different way? 94 more words

Rick Warren

President Trump’s Ban on Muslim Refugees in the United States and the Evangelical Response

President Trump’s Ban on Muslim Refugees in the United States and the Evangelical Response

The major crises of American Evangelicalism in the twenty-first century in regard to the American-Islamic relations can be summarized succinctly in three ways: (1) the Evangelical turn to political idolatry, (2) the crisis of (Evangelical) conscience, and (3) Evangelical resistance to express genuine biblical empathy and generous caring hospitality toward those who are suffering and oppressed.   555 more words

The Dual Face of Western Christianity: Is the Church of Jesus Christ Gradually Defeating the Roman Empire?

Please be aware that this is an opinion piece which takes an informed but personal view of the historical progress of Christianity and which is grounded in a perspective of faith. 7,395 more words

Feminist Theology

The Heart of Islam and Christianity


What principles are central to the religion of Islam? Are they the same principles that beat in the heart of Christianity? 26 more words


Terrorism Fatigue: How many times will we wake up and fall back to sleep?

Another terrorist attack. Quickly, we see that the world is growing less shocked each time terrorists commit violence and mass murder. Terrorism in the headlines has become routine. 1,032 more words

Current Events

How Should We Live with the Threat of Terror?

My heart is heavy as once again a person professing allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) has carried out an attack on Western soil in Orlando and now in Istanbul, Turkey. 1,137 more words