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Advances of the gospel

Some of the exciting advances of the gospel among Muslims today derive from singular ‘outbreaks from heaven’. Many of the Muslim leaders became followers of Christ, bringing their families and followers with them. 8 more words

The Bible is no stranger to violence

In the early chapters of the Pentateuch, for example, violence surfaces in the actions and reactions of the Patriarchs.

In a statement which camouflages what the experience must have meant for Dinah, we read that the young nobleman sees this pretty foreigner, takes her and violates her.   656 more words

Honour/shame syndrome

In the OT, the word honour and its derivatives occur 115 times, and 73 times in the NT.  Jabez, for example, is specially remembered  — 411 more words

Shame is a social phenomenon

‘What people say’ or ‘What people might say’ is a strong constraint on actions.

The use of oaths in such profusion in many Middle Eastern societies illustrates the lengths to which people go to avoid being shamed. 45 more words

Bible Verse of the day - Shall I be afraid?

“The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” – Psalms 27:1…

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Accumulate honour and avoid shame

A major goal in many Middle Easterners’ lives is to accumulate honour and avoid its erosion by shame.  A single shame experience threatens to expose and damage the self. 619 more words

Loyalty to family and kin is fundamental

Honour (sharaf) refers to uprightness of character, integrity, glory even.  It is joked that ‘he who has no family has no backbone’.

Piety brings honour.   153 more words