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A little more explaining

People are so ready to be caught up in the air and go some place mystical that they will believe just about anything you tell them – as long as their not going to die and its not going to hurt – and they will still know themselves afterward and be changed forever – people will believe anything and follow it. 764 more words



The morning rises,

The moon sinks,

Embrace a silver gaze by the river,

We think we have it all.

I look at you, and I can only think, 143 more words


Love Yourself!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Learn how to love and appreciate “you,” before you expect others to. Don’t be a self-hater. Love yourself first. You can’t love your neighbor, as you love yourself, if you hate yourself. 69 more words


Know Yourself

Wise words, don’t you think? I think this is going to be my personal motto for 2019 (the perspective is quite biblical, too!).



I have been wanting to write this post for a while now. But I haven’t because it’s not that important to me. I think that people who write blogs only or even mostly about God and Jesus are just lazy f*cking a$$holes. 233 more words

Study Questions 1


  • What new thing did you learn about love as the
    fruit of the Spirit?
  • What areas especially are we to examine
    ourselves where this fruit is concerned…
  • 158 more words

Fear of The Lord - Poem

The merciful hand of the Lord
Is upon me.
It is a fearful thing
To fall into the Hand
Of the Living God
He metes out judgment, 107 more words

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