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Desire of Going

Consuming of Jesus
Heart falls in awe
A drifting beyond
The call of souls draws

Light of the ascending
Chasm of the deep
Quench of souls longing… 38 more words


King Solomon’s Wisdom on War (u/d)

When war becomes necessary, what does a wise leader do?

I believe every wise person understands the reality of  various times in life. When we are given no other choice by fools, there may be a time we must war. 496 more words

King Solomon

Cardinal Moral Virtues - Part 1 of 3

St. Bonaventure teaches: “Let prudence guide your reason, let fortitude govern your temper, let temperance govern your desires, and let justice rule all your actions.” Father Geiermann writes: “All the moral virtues are subordinated to the four principal ones which are called cardinal. 342 more words


Childlike Faith

by Garry Bouwman

Little children have this wonderful ability, through their actions and words, that allows us adults to peek back in time and re-experience pure innocence. 747 more words


The World's Oldest Copy of the Ten Commandments Makes Rare Debut at Israel Museum

JERUSALEM — One of the earliest known copies of the Ten Commandments was written in soot on a strip of goatskin found among the trove of biblical material known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, widely considered to be one of the great archaeological finds of the 20th century. 1,327 more words

End Time Prophecy

Talk to God this Pentecost

This weekend at 6pm on Saturday, and 9.15am and 11am we celebrate Pentecost. Pentecost is the birthday of all the churches in the world. It’s also a reminder that in the Holy Spirit, God is an active presence in the world. 206 more words


Search for Christ

(I wrote this back in 2009 during my first exodus from evangelicalism. I wish now that I had persisted and not been discouraged so easily. What I wrote back then still applies, and I present it here for your consideration.) 424 more words