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The Maker's Diet by Jordan S. Rubin

I came across The Maker’s Diet by chance and gave it a go because diets, fad or not, interest me. I had read 3/4ths of it before I misplaced it somewhere in the city. 515 more words


Hope and Joy in Trials

Sometimes I wonder.

And then I wander.

Often at the same time.

I wonder what things will be like when faith is refined as in a fire and turns out pure gold. 656 more words


FORGIVENESS: Forgiving Others

Gleanings From Orthodox Christian Authors and the Holy Fathers

Assembled by Fr. Seraphim Holland
of St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church

…he who would be reconciled to God and have peace with God must first be reconciled with his neighbor. 1,965 more words


You say, God says...

Bible Study Tools – Great source! I visit daily and also use their website for daily Homeschool teachings on the Bible.


Getting Real

Hi everyone. Rob here.

In the end it all catches up with you. That’s the message I’m getting as I read Bruce Springsteen’s colourful autobiography, “Born to Run.” His dedication to his craft caught up with him and he enjoyed great success. 725 more words

Waste Me Away

May it be found that my best years were not given to men but wasted away in secret seeking of my God. For half a man filled with the Spirit is twice the man consumed by the flesh. 43 more words


How Is Life Is Like Texas Holdem?

Well, I’ve missed writing more than I can say for these last few months.  Life has been busy, even fatiguing with making ready for sale a house we purchased from a bank two years ago.   330 more words