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Remember those in Prison

I was watching the replay of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight about prisons and I started getting angry. Obviously, the stories he shows would make anyone angry and, well, sad, embarrassed, etc., but it made me angry thing about the general response from Christians. 150 more words

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July 18 - Not My Rules

1 Corinthians 6; 1 Kings 19; Amos 3:3-4:3

As Paul writes to the church at Corinth he has to deal with an interesting situation. Christian views on the body diverged with some thinking that because the body is flesh and not the spirit that we needed to ignore our bodies’ needs and wants and live like ascetics; others believed that whatever we did with the body didn’t matter because it wasn’t the spirit. 332 more words

Devotional Thoughts

North Korean Christians Pray for 'Free' Christians to 'Realize God is All You Need'

One of the first things Eric Foley, the co-founder of Seoul USA, learned about the North Korean underground church is that it is not a group to be pitied. 16 more words


Amish childhood: Growing up Amish: A rare glimpse of childhood adventures inside the closed-off religious community

With modern technologies outlawed, being Amish often seems like hard work. But David Nevala’s stunning pictures show growing up inside the closed off community can also be a lot of fun. 18 more words


2,000 leaders keep worship central in the heart of London

“There’s never been a time were we’ve been more equipped…but it’s not enough,” says Tim Hughes 2,000 leaders keep worship central in the heart of London


Halloween and other traditions: innocent fun or sinister rituals?

The word Tradition is defined as ‘the handing down from generation to generation of the same customs, beliefs, etc., especially by word of mouth.’ Every culture has traditions, the meaning and origin of which is generally not understood by most followers of such traditions. 140 more words