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Min väg till den Ortodoxa kyrkan

Många av Svenska kyrkans medlemmar som har fått trons gåva kan ändå känna sig främmande i gudstjänsten och i annan kontakt med sin församling.

Så har det varit även för min del, men det har även funnits stunder av gudsnärvaro. 645 more words



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Hey bloggers and readers I have a question for you!  Who are you allowing to dump their trash into your space?  It’s a hard question I’m sure, since you have to start looking at the people you love.   271 more words

Emphasis on "real"

I know you Christians ain’t saints
I know you friends ain’t real
I know you lovers don’t love
I know you sinners are chill

Including people Steph into the prayers I pray… 73 more words

The Joke

All hail the biggest failure of all time
All hail the one person never on your mind
Karma’s back and looking better than ever
Always there for me when I fall, it’s like we’re together… 112 more words

The Ultimate Power Pose

It has been ‘scientifically proven’ that power poses.

(Basically taking up as much space as possible without being rude),  boost confidence.

When we worship, we tend to adopt these poses almost universally. 160 more words


"Why So Many Idlers?" 04/25

You shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth. Acts 1:8, R.S.V.

In the trust given to the first disciples, believers in every age have shared. 373 more words

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