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Trusting God is More Than Just a Belief

Trust God through your actions

God told Noah to build an ark.  “Make yourself an ark…” Genesis 6:14  So Noah responded to God’s command by saying that he had too much work to do to build an ark, right?  739 more words


Krauthammer on Rescuing Syrian Christians

A nice piece by Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post, on the efforts of Lord George Weidenfeld, a British Jew, to save some Syrian Christians. 299 more words


False teachers (From the book of Jude)🙏

The book of Jude is an Apostolic letter (Epistle), written by Jude, brother of James, both…half brothers of Jesus Christ. The purpose of Jude is to explain and warn about false teachings, and to be careful not to be decieved because advantage and popularity that these men and women have. 284 more words


Exciting Book Release!

I’ve got exciting news! Thy Kingdom Come by Daniel Adorno is coming August 5th!

Thy Kingdom Come is a post-apocalyptic YA novel about a Dex, a teen who is struggling to survive in a world that is being taken over by Mindless, which are basically people who are turning into robots. 193 more words


Christians and Pagans: Glad for You All

Friends of Padre Steve’s World

I want to say thank you. In the past couple of months Judy and I have undergone a tremendous amount of stress. 1,174 more words