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Christianity in Nigeria is 145 years: How it has been!

As reported by Nigerian Tribune.

After unsuccessful attempts to penetrate the Nigerian belief system, in 1842, the first (arguably) successful Christian mission expedition anchored in Nigeria’s faith logic. 828 more words


The Holistic Definition

“I don’t that that word means what you think it means” is one of the funnier moments in the Princess Bride film.  This statement humbled someone who  incorrectly use a word because he lacked a full understanding of the what it meant.  1,306 more words

Church Of Satan Endorses Sex Dolls

People have been reacting to the sex dolls recently plunged into the market by the Real Doll company. The life like dolls are said to have bigger boobs, thick thighs and huge back sides and people are going crazy over them. 367 more words


Passing Judgement

There seems to be this common conception that Christians are these judgmental hypocrites who act perfect and tell the world what they are doing wrong, and when the world tells them something, it is denied because they are “of the world.”  I don’t think that is true, but when taking a hard look at our lives, can we really deny that common theme that is prevalent in our culture?  874 more words


The Name That Is Above Every Other Name

First we understood God’s name, click on the link if you haven’t read it yet.

Yehowah (YHWH, יהוה) is God’s Name. In Hebrew, the divine name appears as four consonants, יהוה. 708 more words


Silly Poem #462


My mate said we’re all related to Tutankhamen,

I said: “Don’t be a complete dummy.”

But I suppose if the Christians are right,

Then we did all come from one mummy…

The Secret of God's Name (updated)

Malachi 3:16 At that time those who fear Yehowah spoke with one another, each one with his companion, and Yehowah kept paying attention and listening. And a book of remembrance was written before him for those fearing Yehowah and for those meditating on his name. 1,774 more words