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Modern Day Pharisees

When Christians are willing to defend evil men and evil behaviors at all costs in order to preserve power and influence of the so-called conservative community, they are no different from the Pharisees.   472 more words


Unto Us...

Psalm 68:20 “God is unto us a God of deliverances; And unto God the Lord belong the issues of death.”

Our God delivers. He saves us again and again out of precarious situations, out of bondage and addictions, out of places our own ignorance brought us to… And when we find ourselves in the place of death, whether through sickness or accidents, or old age, whatever the situation that brought you there, it is He Who can save you and pull you out of its grip!

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Experienced Combat Pilot May Be Forced Out of the U.S. Air Force Because He is a Christian...

A group of prominent U.S. senators is coming to the defense of a highly decorated Air Force colonel who could be booted out of the military over his…

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TR News & Politics

This whole Roy Moore situation makes me really frustrated. And that's an understatement.

So it’s kind of a social trend that right now, allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct are just flying through the press. Last year, all the celebrities were dying. 1,807 more words


What comes to mind when you hear the word refuge? Maybe you think of a castle or a mountain. I think of a refugee, someone fleeing for safety.

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Christian Inspiration

So. Christians are leaving the church.

At this point in time, it’s not exactly a secret that Christians, especially young adults and families, are leaving the church in droves. This seems to be a problem unique to the western world, specifically in America. 1,386 more words


Eastern Lightning|Why Does the Chinese Communist Party Force Christians to Join the Three-Self Church?

Eastern Lightning|Why Does the Chinese Communist Party Force Christians to Join the Three-Self Church?

  Hou Xiangke: (Chief of the Public Security Bureau): Han Lu, you must know that the Communist Party is an atheist party and started out from revolution. 940 more words

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