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Why Am I A Christian?

“Why am I a Christian?”

Have you ever asked yourself that kind of question?

It may feel like a terrifying question to give some thought to, forgive me if that may be, but though I just became a Christian some five years ago, I had wrestled with that question a couple of times. 505 more words


US cardinal says ‘Christian nations’ in West must counter Islamic influx

Source: Religion News Service

By David Gibson

(RNS) Amid heightened tensions over ISIS-fueled terror attacks and anti-Muslim rhetoric, a prominent U.S. cardinal says Islam “wants to govern the world” and Americans must decide if they are going to reassert “the Christian origin of our own nation” in order to avoid that fate. 255 more words

The Muslim Times

Acts of Faith ‘God break racism!’ Evangelicals on D.C. Mall pray for hope and reconciliation

Source: The Washington Post

By Julie Zauzmer, Kirkland An and Michelle Boorstein

Rappers and pastors, spoken word poets and authors appealed Saturday to thousands of evangelicals gathered around the Washington Monument in baking heat to recommit to prayer and hope at a time of intense racial and political polarization and growing secularism. 758 more words

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Haitians trek to sacred waterfalls in Voodoo festival

Source: Associated Press

SAUT D’EAU, Haiti (AP) — Some carrying candles or calabash bowls with offerings of goat meat, thousands of Haitians made a Saturday pilgrimage to bathe in sacred waterfalls and pray for everything from a good harvest to an end to Haiti’s chronic political dysfunction. 361 more words

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'This is what I'm meant to be doing': the vicar welcoming Muslims to church

Source: The Guardian

By Nazia Parveen

The congregation of St Mark’s church in Stoke-on-Trent are in tears. The old walls are amplifying a booming version of the traditional Christian hymn Thanks to God as an hour-long baptism ceremony draws to a close. 482 more words

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Hey guys long time no see! I’m back and I’ve looked at the world over the past few weeks which caused me to really think and digest all the destruction and evil going on in this world and also think about what God is doing and one thing entered my mind: 396 more words


‘If we were not brothers before this, we certainly are brothers now,’ a Dallas imam tells a minister

Source:The  Washington Post

By Brady Dennis

DALLAS — The minister and the imam had known each other barely a year.

They had met at a vigil after the… 466 more words

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