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After Charlottesville, white pastors are asking: are we complicit?

Source: Vox

In the weeks leading up to Sunday, August 13, Emily C. Heath, a United Church of Christ pastor in Exeter, New Hampshire, was preparing her sermon for that day. 239 more words

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After Charlottesville, black pastors are confronting how political to get

Source: Vox

ANNISTON, Alabama — The morning after white supremacists and neo-Nazis sparked violent clashes in Virginia, the Rev. Titus Roberson delivered a 45-minute sermon to his historically black church here. 174 more words

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White Christians Must Condemn White Supremacy

Source: Religion And Politics

By Marie Griffith

The hatred exhibited by an array of white supremacists this past weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, horrified much of the nation. 552 more words

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A Christian School Official Allegedly Told A Boy To "Turn The Other Cheek" After He Reported He Was Raped

Source: BuzzFeed News

BY Mary Ann Georgantopoulos

A Tennessee mother and her middle school–aged son are suing the child’s private Christian school claiming officials did not protect the boy from repeated sexual assaults and harassment from older classmates. 45 more words

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‘They use ​money to promote Christianity’: Nepal's battle for souls

Source: The Guardian

Ram Maya Sunar had two miscarriages. Then she had a daughter, who died of pneumonia when she was one. “My second child died from tuberculosis at just six months. 160 more words


Eating Humble Pie.

Recently I’ve been delving into what it means to be really humbled. It was one of those words that when I was growing up; I never really completely got. 1,177 more words

Does Romans 13 Give The President The Right To Nuke North Korea?

Source: Huffington Post

BY David J. Dunn, PhD,

Contributor Theological troublemaker. Orthodox Christian.

Let any who doubt the lamentable state of theological education among Christians in America consider this fact: Right now, we are having a discussion about whether or not Donald Trump is authorized, by God, to destroy North Korea. 428 more words

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