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Glory & Grace Haiku

recognizing the

essence of Grace reflecting

eternal Glory


UCKG Church Affiliate Tells Women “Blue-Ball English Men Until They Marry You”

Money-oriented church that preys on black communities rehashes boilerplate abstinence advice

The UK chapter of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (“UCKG”), a controversial Christian sect based on Prosperity Theology, is using its house organ, Universal, to encourage women to shun players only interested in one night stands in favour of provider betas who are willing to postpone sex until marriage. 254 more words


Bored? Pick Up a Book. 

Hey WordPress Peps,

If you are like me and find yourself watching the same cat video on YouTube all the time or listening to that popular song from 5 years ago when you aren’t busy, try reading a book. 167 more words

Roman Catholic

Atrocities in the Bible

What actions, or even inactions, qualify as atrocities is largely based on one’s own opinions. An act that I may find heinous and repulsive, another may find ordinary. 10,218 more words


Spreading Awareness of Childhood Abuse and Neglect

To all of my followers and wonderful people on WordPress,

I just wanted to let you all know of a ministry that I have been called to. 115 more words

Roman Catholic

Fallen for the Light

How can it that I

As plain as can be

Has earned enteral hellfire

As her enemy?

How should I deserve

Any joy let alone that joy… 235 more words

Roman Catholic

Covering Grace

I stepped outside and took in the beauty of the many trees in our backyard covered in ice.

You could feel it really, God’s grace covering everything. 193 more words

What Matters Most