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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

As I have become more familiar with politics in the recent years I’ve come across many topics that I really have had no previous understanding or basis from which to interpret these concerns, let alone comprehend the intricate and convoluted histories/motives surrounding them. 2,763 more words


Why Are So Many Christians Obsessed With Predicting the Rapture?

Source: Pacific Standard

By Laura Ortberg Turner

The world did not come to an end on September 6, 1994. Nor on May 21, 2011, or October 21 of that same year, though Harold Camping had said in each case that it would. 412 more words

The Muslim Times

Did Jesus Predict Muhammad? A Biblical Portal Between Christianity and Islam

Source: The Huffington Post

By Ian Mevorach; Theologian, minister, ethicist, and activist; co-founder of Common Street Spiritual Center 

The time has come for Christians and Muslims to make peace between our communities. 817 more words


Delivering on the Promises of Paris: Why the World’s Muslims Are Demanding Climate Action Now

Source: Huffington Post

By Naser Haghamed

CEO of Islamic Relief Worldwide, an independent humanitarian and development organisation with a presence in over 40 countries worldwide. 641 more words


How old is the Bible?

Harry Farley Junior Staff Writer – 19 April 2016

Recent analysis of pottery fragments by researchers at Tel Aviv University caused a spate of headlines along the lines of “The Bible is much older than we thought.” 808 more words

The Muslim Times

Muslims converting to Christianity on the rise in Vienna

So far this year, roughly half of converts to Christianity in Vienna have been Muslim, according to reports

About half of the 83 adults to have been approved for baptism in Vienna are Muslims, mostly from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, according to Friederike Dostal of the Austrian Bishops’ conference, Austrian website Kurier reports. 57 more words