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A look at the snake-handling churches of Appalachia

The fundamentalists who would read the scripture literally and show concrete thinking are not unique to Christianity. The biblical snake handlers base their practice on the following verses from the New Testament: 180 more words

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Ohio, Where Muslim and Christian Refugees Form 'Impossible' Friendships

Source: The Atlantic


Stepping out of an apartment complex into a warm Ohio night, Nashwaan Saddoon got into an old minivan and drove through Toledo to a hookah joint called Rocket Lounge. 218 more words

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Wary of Modern Society, Some Christians Choose a Life Apart

Source: The Wall Street Journal

By Ian Lovett | Photographs by Max Whittaker/Prime for The Wall Street Journal

When the first few monks arrived in Hulbert, Okla., in 1999, there wasn’t much around but tough soil, a creek and an old cabin where they slept as they began to build a Benedictine monastery in the Ozark foothills. 138 more words

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When Faith Healing Kills Kids

Source: The Daily Beast

On November 6, 2016, two-year-old Ella Foster, the daughter of Grace and Jonathan Foster of Bethel, Pennsylvania, developed a cold. During the next two days, she became listless, her breathing more labored and rapid. 183 more words


A pastor in the Bible Belt opened his church to refugees. Here’s what happened

Source: Los Angeles Times

BY David Montero

Pastor David Daniels didn’t really have a choice. The refugees were desperate. He could feel that. Their need was great. 169 more words

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Graham defends his tough talk, saying Jesus also ‘wasn’t real loving sometimes’

Source: The Charlotte Observer


North Carolina-based evangelist Franklin Graham, who’s made headlines with his tough talk about Muslims, LGBTQ persons and former President Barack Obama, invoked Jesus’ harsh words about the Pharisees Thursday to defend his own judgmental tone. 159 more words

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