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Making Disciples

How many of you have had a job where the person who was your “boss” was a great friend that you really loved having as a boss? 4,008 more words


Who Do You Serve?

Everyone has something that controls them. Now you may be thinking, “Well, not me. I make my own decisions and chose my own path!” However, if you take a closer look at your life, you’ll start to see what I’m talking about. 268 more words


The McCarrick Scandal – What We Know and What Should We Do?

As a Catholic who dearly loves Christ and His Church, it pains me to think about the current scandal in The Church must less put these words down on paper. 1,817 more words


Passed from Death to Life

I know some of the recent posts have been a little heavy, so I want to write something that is on a lighter note. Maybe that can be a bad thing to try to come up with something a little easier to hear. 747 more words


Track by Track: Alice Cooper- 1986-2016

We’ve finally reached the last part of this retrospective. I could have done it as one long piece, but it would have been so long. That’s the reason A Very Bowie Christmas was done every day leading up to Christmas. 1,997 more words

Track By Track

Greetings Stamps from Hungary 2003

Greetings Stamps from Hungary 2003

Hungary issued a Miniature sheet on 20 Mar 2003. The theme of the MS was Greetings . The designs on Five stamps  from left to right are… 20 more words

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The Tragic Truth

Many of us know that the Church will shortly enter into a time of great persecution. The powers of evil, both seen and unseen, which hate the one, true, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church will have their day. 2,160 more words