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Maxim Cards Liechtenstein 1981 – St Theodul

Maxim Cards Liechtenstein 1981 – St Theodul

Liechtenstein issued a stamp on 09 Jun 1981 on St Theodul. A Maxim Card on the stamp is listed.


Souvenir Sheet His Holiness Chenouda III -Stamps of Egypt 2012.

Souvenir Sheet His Holiness Chenouda III -Stamps of Egypt 2012.

Egypt issued a Souvenir imperforated miniature sheet on His Holiness Chenouda III also known as Pope Shenouda ,Pope of Alexandria. 9 more words

Miniature Sheets

Sexism and the Bible

Society’s view on religion, Christianity especially, has shifted over the last 70 years. Between the horrors conducted in the Canadian residential schools that were run by Christians, to the tension over the pro-life/pro-choice argument in the United States, many are seeing the beliefs of Christians as outdated, even oppressive. 1,554 more words


The Lord Is Teaching Me To Give Up

I remember the days where everyday I feel like I was on the verge of a great discovery, constantly looking forward for the sight of the moonlight for me to start working on my project: To shed light to my everyday question, “What next attribute of God might I learn next?” I remember those days, the nights where I would scour book after book, page after page, asking questions one after another just to go down deeper into the rabbit hole, hungry to learn more about God and his mysterious attributes, like a hungry hiker who’s dying to behold the beautiful scenic view of the summit that lies just right after the needed arduous hiking. 332 more words


october updates: my relationship with religion

I grew up a Christian – I never really had a choice, my environments were curated for me to be as exposed to Christian teaching as possible. 1,648 more words



I have a large assignment due tonight, and since I’m writing a blog post instead of working on it, take a guess how it’s going. It’s not even a hard assignment, there’s just a lot to do, and a lot of steps. 106 more words