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I Was Given A Weird Name By My Father

I have a really weird name.

My name is something that makes people scratch their head. It stumbled my teachers, blundered cashiers, confused my then-be-managers, and baffled my business partners. 216 more words


Millennials, Marriage and Families

In the past five years, people have been writing and decrying the fact that the last three generations, the Baby Boomers, Gen X and the Millennials have created a larger amount of men and women who do not want to be married than in previous generations. 752 more words


I am Enraged!

I did a survey for Amazon. Well,I could’ve gotten a nice gift for $4.95. Guess what? I don’t have that much money! There was a weight loss package I needed. 241 more words

The Flawed Argument for Pro-Choice Christianity — TILJournal

I was reading a post by one of my favorite Christian bloggers a little while back. As part of her post, she laid out a Christian case for being pro-life.

34 more words

On Fear

I think I am well acquainted with fear.

I have heard friends say that I am too courageous, probably nearing to the degree of recklessness. I make decisions involving obvious risks with personal consequences. 641 more words


On Self-Discipline

I think that I had been putting the blame of my recent lack of self-discipline on to Someone.

My new knowledge of God’s sovereignty was music to my ears. 506 more words


WTF, God?

Anger at God is not a new concept.  It’s something people wrestle with frequently, from my experience.  I don’t think it’s anything that people know what to do with.  866 more words