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'Sexually sick' Fox News covers up breasts and genitals in Pablo Picasso's Women of Algiers - The Independent

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Art experts have become the latest group to be offended by Fox News, after the US broadcaster covered up the depiction of women’s…

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Alajmo Chefs for Christies Magazine

I spent a day at the renowned restaurant Quadri to photograph Max and Raf Alajmo and a selection of their dishes for Christie’s Magazine.  I will never get used to the unusual treat of tasting first class food after shooting it. 28 more words

It's my Birthday soon...

So this week I have touched upon a potential present – but having carefully thought this through, a Tesla wouldn’t be a gift – just an ‘essential’. 126 more words


Auction notes: Roundup

The New York Times declared “Christie’s Has Art World’s First $1 Billion Week,” which isn’t exactly true. The newspaper complained that such staggering sums spent on art were a “symptom” of widening income equality. 312 more words

Picasso, Pablo

The Art of Horologie

As Oswaldo Patrizzi walked inside the head quarters of Patek Philippe, he had the bold proposal laid out for Mr. Stern. Oswaldo was a determined man; Italian, savvy and considered himself an educationalist first and horologist later. 431 more words

Handling Diary: A Natural Time Capsule

A couple of days ago, I attended the Third Annual Sir Percival David Lecture given by Louise Cort at Bonhams. Other than learning that there was a change in the tea culture of the Japanese society from the 14th to the 16th centuries, what struck me the most was the surviving diary from the sixteenth century in which some of the utensils used in private tearoom was recorded as observed and appreciated by the writer himself.  372 more words

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