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A World of Its Own

The video A World of Its Own was filmed by Richard Evans and Elif Boyner on a road trip in 2014 to The Olsen House, the house in Andrew Wyeth’s painting Christina’s World.


Imagining: the Olson House

No matter how many times I visit the Olson House, I am intrigued by its history, the people who lived there and the art it inspired. 195 more words



Cover photo by N.C. Wyeth

“To Billy From Grandma” is written inside the old book. It brings back a memory of a musty old bookshop in San Francisco. 423 more words

A Pale Shadow of Christina's World

I had a chance to get back in world after the previous article, and managed to put this together.  If anyone is interested, I will share with them the pose animation I created to do this photo — a pale, pale shadow indeed of… 13 more words

Second Life

Processing | Christina's World

Monochromatic Version created in Processing



void setup(){
size(643,430); // Set the size of the window

void draw(){ 165 more words


Christina's World (coded replica)

PImage photo;
int trans = 255;
void setup () {
size (790, 530);
background (255);
photo = loadImage(“Christinasworld.jpg”);
} 55 more words

Non-Time Based