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American Gothic: (S01E04) "Christina's World"


The episode opens with Alison and her campaign manager, Naomi in bed. Alison’s phone rings. It’s her mother. Alison answers the phone. She says Oh my God. 1,859 more words

TV Series

The purifiers

Every morning vultures soared above Christina’s house
sweeping low on the scent of putrescence
“I ain’t dead yet” she would hurl at them
along with whatever scraps were left… 235 more words

Writing Challenges

Where Andrew Wyeth painted Christina's World

Cushing, Maine is a quaint coastal town where the house of Christina Olson stands. It is beautiful here, full of poetry and good for meditation. Andrew Wyeth’s painting… 51 more words


Art That Inspires and Makes Your Heart Sing

Inspiration is a funny thing. As a writer, I find inspiration in music, my surroundings, other books, people, outer space…and in art. 435 more words


Christina's World ~ A Painting by Andrew Wyeth

Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth

Christina’s World was painted by Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009) in 1948 and is one of the most famous American paintings of the twentieth century. 28 more words

A World of Her Own - Body Horrors

One of the most iconic works in American art – the painting “Christina’s World” – currently hangs in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City as a prized piece of Americana and one of the museum’s most popular exhibits. 22 more words