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Early pictures of me

I was born in 1944 and lived in Kilmarnock, Hamburg and various parts of England (on my dad’s short term contracts) before finally settling in Birmingham. 54 more words

Sandy and me

This is a picture of Sandy and I in a photographer’s studio. My grandmother had asked for a picture of us.

School pictures

My brother and I both went to school at Wheelers Lane Primary School in Kings Heath, a suburb of Birmingham. Years later my two sons, Alex and Tom, went to the same school.

82 Chancellor St

Each summer I took the train to Glasgow, where my grandmother would meet me. She lived at 82 Chancellor St. In Glasgow I was a street kid, we gathered in a group and went everywhere together – swimming, tha Art Gallery, the Museum… There was always a crowd of us. 79 more words


This is me sitting on a wall in Prestwick. We used to go to this seaside town during the holidays to visit my grandparents. They had bought a bungalow and were regularly visited by all three of their children and respective families. 16 more words

Mum reads me a story

This is my mother reading me a story. Apparently it was the only way they could get me to stay still long enough for a photograph.

Tea on the rooftops in Germany

When I was very young, my dad was sent to Germany (he was posted there as a military doctor after the war). Eventually we were able to join him and we settled in Hamburg where my brother Sandy was born. 19 more words