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That Wanaka Tree

Over 70 years ago, “That Wanaka Tree” began as a wooden fence post that kept livestock from wondering through the Wanaka Village. From those origins, a beautiful willow tree has grown. …

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Christine Daae

The Phantom would be so lonely without his Christine, wouldn’t he? You can find her here.

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The Ghost's Conscience: A Character Study of the Persian in "The Phantom of the Opera"


By Emerald, October 26, 2014

Word Count: 714

Summary: Emerald writes about the little known Phantom of the Opera character the Persian and his role in the story. 727 more words


POTObsessing: Phantom of the Opera

I was listening last night to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera” for the nth time. I’ve read Gaston Leroux’s novel for the second time last time. 127 more words

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