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Talk to me, Watson.

While on a recent business trip, I was flipping channels in my hotel room, looking for something good to watch in the background. You know, when you need something that is entertaining enough to warrant being on, but no so distracting that you can’t get your work done. 1,012 more words


Christine (1983)

When people think of the 1983 John Carpenter adaption of the Stephen King novel, “Christine,” the first thing that comes to mind is of course the killer car.  97 more words


What's a Symbol? (Allegory Pt 1)

Many people seem to have a hard time understanding what makes an allegory different than a symbol. 

I’ve done some research and I think I’ve found an easily understandable answer. 319 more words



for a long time, no one has stolen my heart.

then you came along and tore me apart.

is it love? my mind is trapped in a cell. 168 more words


Journal of Love

Day 1:

Hey Journal,

You wouldn’t believe what happened, today. Well, I mean I should introduce myself first. I’m your new writer, Christine. So, anyway, ‘what happened today that has you so flustered?’ you may ask. 767 more words

Short Story