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'Splitfoot' Enters the First Documented Haunted House

From bloody-disgusting.com – Antonio Campos (Afterschool, Simon Killer, Christine) has signed on to re-write and direct the upcoming horror film, Splitfoot f.k.a Voices Through The Trumpet… 24 more words

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31 Days of Horror 2017

Let’s face it.  Horror movies are tremendous year round, but watching them during the month of October is just more fun.  Like so many other bloggers, podcasters, and social media junkies, I’ll keep track of the horror films I revisit this month.  46 more words


"Thinner" by Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachman) Review


Author:  Steven King

Released:  1984

Along with Christine, Thinner is the Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachman) book whose concept made me think “he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel with that.” Well before reading the book, I felt like I had enough an idea of how this book would go and that I’d never need to read it. 589 more words


Christine [A Review]

Christine by Stephen King


This title is one of the very few Stephen King ones that I’ve not read before. I think it’s because I tried it when I was a young teenager, and I didn’t like the first chapter. 147 more words

Book Review


a beautiful song i wrote for two.

a beautiful song i wrote for you.

a beautiful song i sang to the stars.

a beautiful song i sang to a star. 84 more words


Ministry Philosophy 4 - Read the Bible

There’s an interesting story about a young pastor who hears about a significant scholar that lost their faith. The young pastor went to his mentor and inquired, “Why does this happen, why do people like this leave the faith?” The wise older mentor pondered for a minute before suggesting, “sometimes, people read too many books about the Bible instead of going to the source and reading the Bible itself.” How easy it can be to lose sight of our “first love” ( 291 more words


MoonLaser Reviews - Killdozer

This one threw me off a little, but not necessarily in a bad way.

My expectation for this one going in was that it would be good, wholesome, schlocky fun. 429 more words