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A Place for Everything

I knew that this decluttering habit would save me money: I won’t have to buy again what I know I have. I did not know, but I quickly realized that it would bring much more energy back from having a clear view full of objects that bring joy. 282 more words



Today was another kind of challenge: we were under tornado warning. We were all 5 in the bedroom with a mattress against the window. The challenge was to stay all day in the house, keeping both sanity and order. 196 more words



This is a fantastic journey.

When my daughter woke up this morning, she saw on the kitchen counter a game for her tablet that I found while decluttering. 352 more words


2016 #15 - Christine (dir. Antonio Campos)

“So, now, in keeping with WZRB policy, presenting the most immediate and complete reports of local ‘blood and guts,’ TV 30 presents what is believed to be a television first. 1,072 more words


Affaire Tapie, un haut fonctionnaire charge Christine Lagarde

La Cour a entendu, mercredi 14? dacembre, le directeur lAgence des participations de la‰tat (APE). Ce dernier a tout fait pour dissuader la ministre de laconomie dopter pour larbitrage.

Christine Lagarde, coupable mais sans peine

La directrice du Fonds monataire international a ata daclarae coupable de ?«? nagligence? ?» dans laffaire de larbitrage Tapie, lundi 19? dacembre, mais elle est dispensae de peine.

We Need to Talk about Christine

I’m a psychology student, and out of habit, I read and discuss mental health issues a lot, be it casually with friends over lunch or in papers for assignments. 1,111 more words

Antonio Campos