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Christine Lagarde: New China bank a 'no-brainer'

Christine Lagarde: New China bank a 'no-brainer'
International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde Thursday said that supporting the new China-sponsored development bank is a “no-brainer.” The IMF joins the World Bank in support of the new bank over Obama administration res…

Don't Give Up

Study tip: stand up, stretch, take a walk, get on a plane, never come back. This is probably how you feel studying for finals or exams. 437 more words



So i was like, i’m finna make a grand gesture of some sort to celebrate ur birthday… and i coulnt think of anything else i could do in the middle of the night except write something XD… 167 more words


Introduction to the Akashic Records - Hutto, May 27th

Are you wanting spiritual guidance and information about your life, but aren’t sure where to go?  Have you heard of the Akashic Records, but thought you needed someone else to get in?  242 more words


A Conclusion

Throughout the time on this blog, I have posted healthy recipes and some that were not as healthy but not really bad for you. It is important to know that there is always a healthy option for you rather than eating processed food or fast food regularly. 363 more words


Energy Balls!

This is the time of year that everyone can use a little boost in energy. With finals just around the corner, everyone is studying their brains off. 403 more words