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Rebecca Hall should have dominated awards season for her performance in Christine

Should a biopic about Christine Chubbuck exist? Many believe the story of the young news anchor who shot herself live on air in 1974 should never be made, out of respect for the dead. 632 more words


Week 12 In Review – 2017

Events Related BSidesSF 2017 – http://www.youtube.com Security BSides San Francisco is a two-day information security conference. It is a conference by the community for the community. 50 more words


Christine (2016)

Depression and suicide do not make pretty subjects for a film. It is easy to produce a voyeuristic essay that exploits someone’s despair and self-destruction, but portraying tragedy without sensationalising or trivialising it is as tough as it gets for directors and actors. 502 more words


A Broken Heart

The strain of living that lie took it's toll.
 Not just on my heart, but my soul. 
Years of not being allowed to be me. 
Swollen heart, otherwise diminished totally. 88 more words
Christine Joy Acero

Memories Will Fade

I’m sorry  I may remember all the times we’ve had
The loving, the good and the bad things
As I slip into yesterday, I really don’t know what I have lost
It’s the people that I leave behind, who have to bear the cost

We lived a life together, but you must remember that I can't
The things that happened yesterday, are the things I have forgot
As gradually into the past, my memories will also fade
And slip away, as never been, from the sunlight into shade

Don’t be too sad, my world is mine, whatever I may see
I can’t remember things I’ve had, or things that used to be
But now and then, for a time too short, I will know your name
And for that time, I am me again… 7 more words

The Tears Will Fall

Tears fall and I crave
tears fall and out the window I gaze
to a place of peace where a piece of me
belonged to something special searching
to heal hearts suffering in silence
Tears fall and I hurt again
tears fall but I cant relieve the pain
of a child struggling to see past
the darkness imprisoning dreams
holding back tomorrow's teachers
leaving only a life of crime

Tears fall as I fast
tears fall as I wonder how long this can last
ribs protrude, feet inward, head down
a life lost while to the birds I toss
the bread of life but wide eyes still cry
not knowing what happiness brings
where childhood lies and everyone sings

Tears fall but I know
tears fall as my heart grows
the winds of change
begging to give all I have
for just one chance to hold, to mold
a brother, a sister, a mother, a father
with freedoms fragile touch

Before my end I hope to intercede 
and the only trickles left will be
the hunger for hope
and the love I bleed
Christine Joy Acero

All About Goblin

In ancient times, Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is an unbeatable general in wars, but the young King (Kim Min-Jae) is jealous of Kim Shin and kills him. 250 more words