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Messages from Your Angels Horoscopes - June 2015

Messages from Your Angels Horoscopes – June 2015 

It’s time to enjoy the Summer before things are official at the end of the month!  Get out and have a great time with family and friends.  2,482 more words




Arnie Cunningham has been teased and bullied by his peers all of his life. He’s introverted, shy, and lacking in confidence. Dennis Guilder is his only friend, and one night while Dennis is driving him home Arnie spots a beat up old Plymouth Fury for sale. 864 more words

Stephen King

April 4, 2015: Worried about Cafe Mocha

early morning, Saturday, April 4, 2015  6:40 a.m.  the mood is odd around here – yesterday temp went into 60’s – heat in my building either on or off – rising in my apartment into the mid 80’s, with blankets in my heating bodies to block it out – much noise on the avenue under my window – not the best sleeping conditions. 641 more words

Old And Older

【飛馬家族】by Wylie

故事由一位神經科醫生 Ivan Donaldson 的一個愛情故事講起,當年的女神 Christine 送了一本 Hugh Johnson 的葡萄酒書給他,從此他便與葡萄酒結下不解之緣,和他的女神落戶於新西蘭南島東面距離 基督城以北30分鐘車程的飛馬灣,由零開始建立葡萄園及家園。

一𨍭眼便四十年了,醫生把河谷開拓成葡萄園並全職成為葡萄種植專家,女神把四個兒子陪養成材之餘還繼續發展個人的聲樂專長 (在片中她更即場表演)。大兒子繼承衣缽和妻子合力成為釀酒師;二兒子成為律師作個別發展;三兒子憑天賦的推銷才華成為酒莊的營銷總監,足跡遍佈全球,在最近的試酒會有幸坐在他身邊,學習到好多關於他們酒莊的知識;四子就負責掌舵任職總經理。

酒莊佔地大約四十公頃,全用自己種植的葡萄釀酒,在較好的年份會出產特別版,全部以聲樂名詞命名,例如 Bel Canto 就是乾身的 Riesling,Encore 就是 甜身的 Noble Riesling,所以他們最出名的 Pinot Noir 就叫 Prima Donna,向這位女神致敬。Bravo!

p.s. 這條片幾長,但就如同敍述他們家族的歷史一樣,而且由真人演繹,所以不想作任何刪剪,有興趣的朋友就収看吧!

Wylie's Blog

Day 1 (Tuesday) 

Approximately 1500 people were at the conference!

Pretty flowers on the tables- appropriately in the ACDIS colors: purple and orange. (They lasted very well through the conference.) 123 more words

Checking in and checking (it) out 

Walking down to the River Walk, just outside the hotel.  

The River Walk- pretty aged foliage.

They checked in; got their swag bags. The vendors weren’t set up yet. 68 more words