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PHD's a plenty...

I have so many projects half done or PHD’s as I like to call them and I am enjoying hooking them all.  The problem has been deciding which one to pick up and which one to put down! 482 more words


Trying to be Lauren Weekly Roundup: 1

To help keep me motivated I thought that I’d write out the positives of each day, they will be Monday through to Friday as I work most weekends, there won’t be a lot going on, but if there is I’ll include it. 239 more words


Thursday, March 29th. Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to St John 13:1-15.

Holy Thursday (Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper)

29 March 2018

Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ 

Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet… 1,460 more words


ASHISH GUPTA......and his Runway Show......Feb 2018

MASTURBATE??  How often??  That could be the theme of Ashish’s new clothing line.  This is a thoughtless dig at American consumerism.

Tho I do find some of these designs lovely…I love all the Christmas Tinsel……..just like our Christmas trees.   22 more words


Snapshots from Christmas Week December 2017

I just needed to get this photo of me playing psychiatrist on December 23, 2017 posted along with other fun images from 2 months ago. 81 more words


Christmas is over!

…or is it?

Last night I passed a house looking like this:

Sorry, the image is blurred, I only had my smart phone camera with me. 24 more words


Just Say No to the Attic!

Because this could happen.

Yup, you could end up with a flat Italian camel stuck for eternity in a grotesque pose.

If you buy a wreath or topiary from me, I give you some written tips about how to take care of it.   238 more words

Vintage Christmas