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Mercy in Forgiveness - Twelfth Day

Today is a day never to be forgotten

Where love in the physical flesh was begotten

Emotions are high with joy and peace… 81 more words


Silent Night, Simple Night - Eleventh Day (Thankful Thursday)

Evening comes and out comes the stars

Lights that appear to twinkle, the dark sky mars

Eternity in the making up above our eyes… 91 more words


Quiet Moments - Tenth Day

There comes a time when what you need is more time

Especially when nothing has a reason or rhyme

Nothing makes sense so often in this world… 64 more words


Take A Break - Ninth Day

Now often I find myself simply overworked

Intending to rest, though it never quite works

Needed is someone who can just set me down… 58 more words


Forgiveness Undeserved - Eighth Day

Eternity to think about all you’ve done

Innocents crying out with tears you’ve rung

Given away was your heart indeed

How only later those actions you’ve grieved… 54 more words


A Day of Rest - Seventh Day

So often we get all caught up

Events placed before us that we just want to top

Vexing though it may be… 84 more words