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FREE Celebrating the Story of Christmas Advent Devotional

Celebrating the Story of Christmas is an advent devotional book that tells the big story of the Bible from Creation to Christ’s return in just THREE WEEKS time!  133 more words

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25 Gifts-Why Jesus? {Advent 2014, Day 15}

Our roofline is outlined in lights. Our trees glow with merry warmth. It is, as the cheery song says, beginning to look a lot like Christmas… 704 more words


25 Gifts - Why Jesus? {Advent 2014, Day 9}

A dead giveaway that Santa’s not the one filling the stockings at Christmas at our house, is that there are practical items stuffed in there with silly toys and gift cards and candy. 1,270 more words


25 Gifts-Why Jesus {Advent 2014, Day 8}


Years ago, my husband came up with a killer system for keeping the gifts a surprise until Christmas morning.

This brilliant yet simple plan enables us to wrap the gifts as we get them and keep them under the tree throughout Christmas rather than store them in closets or shelves in the garage. 1,060 more words


25 Gifts--Why Jesus (Advent 2014, Day 7)

I resisted the journey, every day of it. I awoke one morning near the end of November and I knew.

You see we have Christmas lists filled with things, things that would delight, or be useful or fun. 877 more words


25 Gifts--Why Jesus? (Advent 2014, Day 6)

We gathered in my house with big pots of soup and we dished our bowls and sat in clusters—around the blue table or in the living room—and shared dinner and bits of our lives. 490 more words


25 Gifts--Why Jesus (Advent 2014, Day 5)

The irony of it all is that his name means “pure”, yet Zacchaeus had become anything but pure.

His career had pushed him to the outer fringes of good, Jewish society, and even on that day, when Jesus took the Jericho road on his way to Jerusalem and the crowds began to gather to see this rabbi who did miracles. 1,276 more words