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A Cardinal Christmas

Kia Ora and Welcome Back

Once again it is Wednesday and I have another Festive Holly card for the Heartfelt Creations Inspiration Wednesday blog.  This card features a gate that opens onto a window looking through to deer in the snow. 662 more words


Welcome Festive Holly from Heartfelt Creations

Kia Ora and Welcome to the Release of the Festive Holly Collection from Heartfelt Creations

Celebrate the “holly-day” season with the new Festive Holly Collection by Heartfelt Creations!  1,044 more words


Reaching for Stars

Collapsing onto the bed, he moans
“I don’t feel good.”
Every night he doesn’t feel good.

What would Good feel like? I want to ask. 307 more words


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Reaching for Stars

moon climbing large Collapsing onto the bed, he moans “I don’t feel good.” Every night he doesn’t feel good. What would Good feel like? I want to ask. The absence of pain? A month of snow days? Maybe this Good lays a path and clears debris, one smooth downhill grade. Or better still, buoyancy as if weightless on water cooled by twilight and the wings of loons dipping low. I don’t know a Good like this though I have to believe I once did. A little girl still shimmies up that tree to the highest branches, still peers out from her perch at the same thing this boy sees now. A boy who emerges eventually, astonishingly from her own grown body. All gust and streetlight this Good grazes the window, creaks the floorboards just outside the door, close enough that my uneasy child resents any distance he has to bridge. Any distance at all. Ice cream for dinner without consequence? Friends in abundance who know the rules without asking? At bedtime he lands as we all do in a body made of bone and scars. “I’m sorry you don’t feel good,” I say, “How about some sparkly?” and touch his forehead before padding barefoot through the dim house to the kitchen. In the glow of the fridge, cold seltzer cracks open then sighs, whispering and glittering as it tumbles free. I lift the glass by the lip and cross through the living room, the bamboo floor soft with dog hair and dust. Against my palm and the underside of my wrist, bubbles whisper like secrets. I grin stupidly at this, at the fizz kissing my skin, at this body of stars. The ghost glances off me in the dark hallway, as if it alone knows the shape of a girl aloft and thrumming in these limbs, as if promising to squeeze through tiny pockets of air and shadow to return to us and restore us to us.

Three Critical Rules of Money Management

Happy New Year!  We hope that you have had a fantastic time over the Christmas/New Year period and enjoyed a least a few days off. 491 more words

Money Management

God's Blesssing

While asleep I had this dream it was a Casino setting, in the old west, In front of me was this round light brown round… 209 more words

PIA crew saves life

Onboard Pk-333 MultanKarachi flight today a 70-year old passenger fell unconscious and stopped breathing. PIA cabin crew immediately responded to the situation, and with the help of a final year… 117 more words


Everything old is new again!

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Well, the holidays are over and you’re packing up the ornaments and taking down all your decorations. One of the last tasks is all those Christmas cards from friends and family. 499 more words

Adventures In Card-Making