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R is for Rutland, Vermont

so this one is 58 words to make up for yesterday’s 300. It all averages out in the end. ;) Urge for Going In December, two days before Christmas, you left me. 16 more words


Lizard Guts

Is it normal growing up with an imaginary friend? Does that question get the attention it deserves? Some would say yes and that it’s good for the imagination, while others might suggest it…

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Eleanor’s Holiday Closet.

As we approach holiday season and count down the days until we set off on our first adventure as a family of three, you can imagine the excitement and the hype.. 12 more words


Ashwagandha the calming herb

As I have mentioned in earlier posts I have a long history of fighting anxiety.  Here’s on of my earlier posts exploring this issue. My Fancy Christmas Anxiety About 5 years ago I began following an MD who chose to also train in holistic medicine with Dr Andrew Weil.  15 more words


Sfineġ of anchovies and feta cheese

Lent and the feast of Easter are significant on the Maltese islands and when I did not live here I did my best whenever possible to come and visit for Easter rather than Christmas. 24 more words


Gifts Women Don't Want On Valentine's.

For each holiday, there are a few commercials that are played no matter how old they are. For instance, there are alway 2 commercials that pop up for Christmas. 51 more words