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Christmas Traditions I'd Like to Continue and Begin

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a Happy New Year.

Pardon the timeliness (or lack thereof) for this post, but this is just to prepare you for the several posts that will be a mix of recaps and current musings for awhile as I try and make up the time I lost while I took a brief hiatus. 320 more words


Foodie Friday #6--Holiday Food

It’s been a while since I wrote a foodie Friday post so I figured one about holiday food is a great way to bring it back!  409 more words


Christmas recipes

Single Mother Christmas Gingerbread House

Ingredients list:

Pre made kit from cheapo supermarket

Icing sugar


Lemons to taste

Valium (quantity as required)

Loud music… 42 more words

Single Motherhood

Lets talk Christmas - Your Last Chance Day - Hang In There!

Thursday 24 December 2015 – Christmas Eve

No pressure, but today is the very last day for you to finalise everything – but we’re so organised we can do it standing on our heads!!  452 more words

Family History

Christmas Cake

This is my great-grandmother Gwen’s recipe. According to my mother, she was one of the best cooks to ever live!

Everything being mixed together

Rupert squeezing the lemon… 201 more words


Gravadlax with Beetroot and Ginger - Truly a Christmas Miracle.

A Christmas Miracle, I hear you say. To answer your unasked, and possibly even unthought, question. No, I haven’t found religion. Though, there seems to be more of it about at this time of year. 505 more words


Bake With Me: Mince Pies!

Morning Beautifuls,

What screams Christmas more than mince pies? (Hint: nothing).

As I’ve being trying out so many new recipes throughout this holiday season, I decided to have a try at making some Christmas mince pies. 453 more words

Bake With Me