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Charity & Egoism

If someone gives a coin to a poor man, this may be an unselfish deed; but only to the extent that it was absolutely selfless does it find its way to the sphere of immortality — and very few deeds are selfless to this degree. 78 more words


Montañita, You Cruel Mistress

Montañita – Ecuador’s destination for surfers and party animals alike.

Now I can’t surf for toffee (much as I try, and much as it is fun – I’m body boarding at best) and lets be honest – I’m not a party animal. 1,158 more words


Day 269 - National Prime Rib Day

I don’t think I’ll get a lot of sympathy if I start to complain that as part of my quest I had to spend a portion of my day trying to find some Prime Rib. 1,953 more words


City Of Tiny Lights (15)

Bright lights, big city: every window hides a story

London’s flickering neon, streamlining car lights, and walls of glass reflected back from black oil puddles mesmerise and distort a contemporary tale of everyday murder, corruption and fundamentalism… 825 more words

A Christmas Carol

The Sunday Roast

Everyone loves a good roast dinner – particularly on those bitter cold, winter Sunday’s. However, studies find that Easter Sunday is the final roast of the year – a chance for families to gather and enjoy one last roast before the summer salads and BBQ’d goodies become our Sunday staple. 384 more words