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I have always liked the sound of Eggnog.  I wasn’t sure what it was but I heard it a lot on Christmas movies and songs.  After researching it I realised many of the recipes for it use alcohol and I am 8 so that was no use.   341 more words


A holiday tradition: eggnog

About a week ago, I had my first eggnog latte of the season (and made quite a deal by tweeting and telling everyone about it). I LOVE eggnog. 583 more words

All Of Them

The world's best eggnog.

Our friend Ben has found that most people either passionately hate or love eggnog. (This is true of only a few other foods, such as liver, beets, sauerkraut, rutabagas, or, say, fruitcake.) But here at Hawk’s Haven, eggnog is a cherished Christmas tradition; it just wouldn’t be Christmas without the famous Simms Family Eggnog. 613 more words


Real Eggnog

If eggnog could be considered healthy, this would be it. Pure maple syrup sweetens the mixture of cream and egg yolks in this perfectly festive holiday staple (yes, I consider eggnog a staple). 373 more words

Eat Happy

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad.

Today, January 5th, you would be 77 years old.  It’s hard to believe you’ve been gone for 20 years.

Twenty years since I’ve seen you, touched you, heard your voice, and smelled your Old Spice aftershave rubbed over your clean-shaven face. 771 more words


3 Days Until Christmas: Make Sure to Get Egg on Your Face

There are a lot of things about Christmas I love. Ironically, Eggnog is not one of them. I love creamy, ice cream like drinks. But I have never been able to wrap my taste buds around the egg holiday favorite. 250 more words

Christmas Count Down