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Double Flannel Sleeping Bag

Camping is something my family enjoys, but sleeping bags are more than just for camping. When I was asked to test a double sleeping bag I knew this was one bag my family could get a lot of use out of. 731 more words

Christmas Gifts

Swarovski Crystal Tennis Bracelet

No matter what age a woman is she will love this Swarovski Crystal Tennis Bracelet. It is unique and not something you will see on everyone you know. 329 more words

Christmas Gifts

Leyla Milani Luxury Travel Bag

When most people travel they worry about packing all their everyday products. While the Leyla Miani Luxury travel bag takes all those worries away. Everything you use on a daily basis is packed perfectly in this stunning travel bag so its ready to grab and go. 825 more words

Christmas Gifts

Leyla Milani Mini Bling Straightener

No matter if a woman is young or old we all want to feel special even when it comes to our hair care products. Leyla Milani mini bling straightener is just that type of product women want. 394 more words

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BUKELERN Smart Food Thermometer

Our family would prefer to cook outside all year round, but that is impossible in the northern states. Though, we make the most out of everyday we can get our grills going and yes I said grills. 624 more words

Christmas Gifts

Cate & Chloe Pendant Necklaces

When it comes to jewelry its one of those things that all women love. Of course most women want diamonds and lets face it most of us cannot afford the real thing. 721 more words

Cate & Chloe 18K White Gold Earrings

Sometimes just a simple pair of earrings can make you feel like special. Cate & Chloe 18K White Gold Earrings are made with that in mind. 636 more words