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23 February

Treasure chest

A present box is a box of presents that you’ve bought well in advance: perhaps because you chanced across something just perfect for a particular person or perhaps because you found a stunning bargain. 432 more words


16 February

Wishing well

Now that you have your present list and your budget, jot down any thoughts you have for presents for particular people. You may not have many yet but you can often collect enough ideas through the year so that the actual shopping is easy. 282 more words


Gifts, Gifts, Gifts!

Now that Christmas and my Birthday are over, I’m sharing my bounty. Let’s start with Christmas. I love mermaids. Everyone knows I love mermaids. And my gifts for Christmas reflected my love of mermaids. 284 more words

Personal Musings

3 February

Second time around

Giving people second hand presents can be both green and economical but you do need to be careful: some people really don’t like anything used (typically people who grew up with little money and hence have a horror of hand-me-downs) and others are okay only if everything is still bright and shiny, and then there’s a third group who lap it up. 371 more words


Our Christmas Box

Way-aye. Roscoe here. And I’m to reassure you that Percy is fine, he’s lookin’ bonny, and he’ll probably be back here next week.

I have to introduce you to me and my mate Neville. 392 more words


Joseph's new blue zip-up hoodie

Today, I’d like to tell you about another one of my presents that I got for Christmas a month ago.  It’s a blue zip-up hoodie from American Rag.  141 more words

Joseph Pratt's Interests

Joseph's New Pajamas

I would like to show you two more items that I got for Christmas.  One is a yellow smiley face shirt and the other one is some black pants.  79 more words

Joseph Pratt's Interests