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Pregnancy Diary - Week 39

Monday – Is this nesting?!

We decided to paint the baby’s room last week (better late than never) and it’s finally finished. Well, it’s a lampshade and dimmer switch away from being finished but we’re almost there. 627 more words


Bunions the size of pickled eggs

‘You’re going out like that?’

‘What’s a matter with me?’

‘Don’t you have a mirror?’

‘You cheeky little bugger! I got mirrors, I just don’t bother with ’em much.’ 653 more words

YA Fiction

Are you saving for Christmas yet??


So I know,  you hate me right now yeah?

It’s April, I have just gorged on Easter eggs and rescued my favourite flip-flops from the wardrobe to make the the sunny (but still freezing) Scottish weather, and what do I get in the post? 659 more words

Christmas Shopping Made Easy

On the Canadian Prairies, now is the time of year where everything thaws out. The snow melts away and we feel we can go outside again without freezing. 611 more words

Help From Home