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UN Losing the Plot?

A UN human rights committee has said that the traditional Dutch Christmas character, ‘Black Pete’ was perceived by many of African descent as a ‘vestige of slavery’ and that the government should reform it. 215 more words


Soul Food: Revving up for the Bake-off - Biscuits

The signature challenge this week was ‘Biscotti’. Ok, so that really is a challenge as I have never made any, and I’m not sure I have eaten any as I am not a coffee drinker. 509 more words

Soul Food

Holly Christmas Decorations

The placing of a ring of Holly on doors originated in Ireland as Holly was one of the main plants that flourished at Christmas time and which… 13 more words

Irish Christmas Traditions

Traditional Irish Christmas Plum Pudding

Our traditional Irish Christmas Plum Pudding has had humble beginnings. Plum pudding was originally a porridge flavored with scraps of meat or fish, thickened with bread crumbs and bound together with eggs, fruit and spices. 194 more words

Irish Christmas Traditions

Women’s Christmas in Ireland

Have you ever heard of “Women’s Christmas”?
In Ireland on January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany, it is when traditionally the Irish finish celebrating Christmas. 58 more words

Irish Christmas Traditions


The placing of a lighted candle in the window of a house on Christmas eve is still practiced today. It has a number of purposes but primarily it was an symbol of welcome to Mary and Joseph as they traveled looking for shelter. 51 more words

Irish Christmas Traditions

10 weird traditions of christmas from around the world

When we think of something in the world,there are many aspects of that thing.Just like christmas has also weird and insane traditions from around the world… 777 more words