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We Are Family

I love living in my student residence! We hang out, we cook and eat together and we’re tolerant of each other’s faults so that any conflicts get sorted in an informal friendly manner. 444 more words

How to celebrate Christmas as a Dutch

Even if Christmas was already a couple of month ago, it will surely come back. With all its traditions that differ from country to country. So how do the Dutch celebrate it? 7 more words

Hear No Evil

Christmas Traditions for the Little Cherubs!

I know it’s not quite the season for it yet but Christmas is creeping up slowly and with my fiancé and I planning on sharing our first Christmas together in our own rental house this year, it’s just been on my mind. 514 more words


Who's Your Favorite College Team?

Working on College Ornaments now….What a great way  to show your support with a dated Team Ornament of your favorite College Team!!!


Handmade Ornaments

Adoption: Celebrations - Creating Traditions

While we knew that we would love our Tiddler,  as Christmas 2013  approached, we had had to accept that we weren’t going to be able to meet him until well into the new year.   424 more words

The Night Jesus Blew Out His Birthday Candle

I was seven on the Christmas Eve my mother baked a birthday cake for Jesus. When she finished whipping the cake batter, she passed the bowl to me and I lifted shining drops of chocolate, like speckled ornaments, to my lips. 670 more words

Creative Non-fiction

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I am very happy and honored that my creative non-fiction piece, "The Night Jesus Blew Out the Birthday Candle" was published this evening in Eunoia Review! This is the first time I have had a creative non-fiction piece published! :)

Bratislava, Slovakia

We had a night and a day to check out Bratislava, a cute little city full of beauty and juxtaposition.Old town, new town, historic grandeur, utilitarian communism, grand castles and futuristic UFO bridge. 781 more words