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Christmas in Connecticut

We departed Shanghai a week before Christmas. It gave us just enough time to play in New York City while adjusting to the time change and then head out to visit family in Connecticut. 372 more words


All bad things come in threes, part 1

To say the least, A and I are exhausted. We just returned from a month-long eat-and-drive-cation from the US and jetlag is kicking our butts. Day becomes night and night becomes day, thankfully this is not our first rodeo and we know how to deal with it: do not engage with other human beings because your tiredness will result in snarky hurtful comments; do not expect your partner to understand your train of thought, because clearly your brain is superior to your partner’s which is why your partner cannot comprehend what you are saying and lastly, stay away from heavy machinery such as washing machines or dish washers as you will either forget the laundry or run the dishwasher more than once. 1,836 more words

A & J

Lake Crescent, WA

So yesterday I blogged about the first part of our Christmas morning at beautiful La Push beach. We rented our cabin in Sappho, a small town on the West Coast of Washington state. 581 more words


Christmas Vacation Days 15 & 16: A Day of Rest and A Suprise Visit

Christmas Vacation Day 15:
After all of the festivities couch time was in order, and there wasn’t a single complaint in the room. On top of the well needed rest there was also Christmas presents to be played with. 618 more words


Christmas Vacation Day 14: Zweiter Weihnachtstag, The Darmstädter* Are Coming

Our second Christmas day was much more relaxed than that of my brother- and sister-in-law. We only had one family dinner to attend at a restaurant, whereas they had more events to attend as they had on both days prior. 625 more words


Christmas Travels part 2, Picture Day

This trip was the first time since 2012 that my whole family was in the same town.  This includes my parents, my brother with his wife and three kids, my sister, my aunt, my wife, kids and I.   713 more words

What Our Family Took Home from the Japan Vacation?


What also gave a mark during the entire stay was how we got fond of the people and their overall attitude.

Our family celebrated the holidays in Japan mainly in Tokyo, Osaka and a one-day-side-trip in Kobe. 468 more words

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