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Vacation Retrospective Part 3


If the dreary European Vacation proved anything, it’s that the Griswolds are at optimal dysfunction when they are stateside which explains why… 367 more words


The Day the Shitter was Full

Ok, so maybe this isn’t the classiest title I have ever come up with, but this isn’t going to be a very classy post as it is about poop. 1,397 more words


In which I allow my son to deconstruct a laptop

I had an old, virus-infected laptop computer with no battery that I had given to the kids.  It eventually because too infirm even for their purposes.   128 more words

Contented Sighs

Wake Up and Smell the Formaldehyde!

My dad worked on cars his entire life. He spent over forty years inhaling unknown quantities of toxic chemicals and metals. He had a layer of grease permanently fixed in the tissue of his skin. 1,696 more words

Christmas Holiday Pressures

Christmas tends to bring unwanted stress to families as we all deal with financial worries, distance from family and friends, separation and divorce or even bereavement. 956 more words

Entertaining Articles

Welcome to Walmart

I’ve always said that if I don’t make it into the Kingdom of Heaven it will be because of Walmart. I don’t know what it is, but nothing makes me lose my religion faster than walking through those electric doors and hearing the words “Welcome to Walmart”. 787 more words

Travel plans: Ireland

In December my family is going to Ireland. This is a big trip for us; it’ll be our first international vacation together.

Joining me will be my mom, dad, brother, and husband. 577 more words