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Christmas in Guatemala

My mom and I decided to take a trip to Guatemala for Christmas in 2015. We wanted somewhere not too far away from the states and a cheap place to travel. 1,782 more words


Christmas Vacation - Idols and Icons

The movie poster.

The movie ending.

Wil Dasovich in the cast.

A quote from my favorite cast/Idol, Wil Dasovich.

We watched Siargao!

One particular thing that made my Christmas Vacation complete was watching a film entitled, “Siargao”. 198 more words

Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation - Friends

Reconnecting and Reengaging

This particular “belen” was made by me and my friends during the Christmas Break, although actually thinking about it, we were starting to make it during the first week of December when we were assigned to work on this task for a contest by “KABAKA”. 90 more words

Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation - The Beginning

The Community

I started off my Christmas Break by helping and leading my organization decorate the assigned area in our barangay. We spent lots of early morning planning and we usually execute the plans by afternoon and going home as late as 9pm was normal during the first 4 days of Christmas Break. 50 more words

Christmas Vacation

Blog #1 : My Christmas Vacation 2017

Christmas Vacation is one of the most awaited time of all. In this vacation we just don’t rest for all the school projects, assignments, etc., we also celebrate the birthday of our God.  894 more words

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My Christmas Vacation

Christmas is the time when families get to spend time with each other and celebrate the birth of Christ. This Christmas celebration for me is the best one that my family had celebrated together. 473 more words

Christmas Vacation

The Consolation of Philosophy

Within the space of a few days, one of my close relatives turned eighteen, another turned fifty-five, and a third turned ninety. The last celebration in particular brought the extended family together around the close of the Christmas season, having a Christmas gift exchange one evening followed by a lavish meal, then assembling in a restaurant the following night, culminated by an open house the next afternoon for friends from the neighborhood and the congregation. 681 more words