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Welcome to Walmart

I’ve always said that if I don’t make into the Kingdom of Heaven it will be because of Walmart.  I don’t know what it is, but nothing makes me lose my religion faster than walking through those electric doors and hearing the words “Welcome to Walmart”.  748 more words

Travel plans: Ireland

In December my family is going to Ireland. This is a big trip for us; it’ll be our first international vacation together.

Joining me will be my mom, dad, brother, and husband. 577 more words


History and Memory in Relationships

A few nights ago, 4-month-old Baby G didn’t want to fall asleep. I had nursed her for about an hour and then rocked her a bit more, but she kept lifting her head up to give me a big, wide-awake grin. 646 more words


Film Food: Eggnog from Christmas Vacation

What do you mean “It’s the wrong time of year!”? If we were in October-January, I would just buy the stuff… and it would have been a whole lot better! 316 more words


Clark W. Griswold

Every now and then, everyone deserves a vacation. It all depends on what the definition of a vacation really is. If it’s laying on the beach soaking in the sun then this family man is not for you. 455 more words


Clark Griswold Syndrome

I love to celebrate. Holidays, birthdays, vacation days, weddings, communions, retirements, going away parties, or any other party whatever the reason. I love to plan, party, and re-hash. 1,240 more words